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2021 Cariloha Collection Buyers Guide The Cariloha Collection has become one of our favorite brands because they make amazing, high quality bamboo fabric products. But the brand is about also about rebirth. After a troubled start it found its mission by going all in on bamboo based, sheets, bedding, mattresses and clothing. Since then they have opened stores worldwide and become a leader in luRead More…

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Aizome Bedding Review| Best Bed Sheets in 2021?

The Mattress Junkie team is constantly searching for the best bed sheets on the market. We recently got a chance to check out Aizome’s bedding lineup. Aizome is a biotech textile company that originated in Japan. The idea behind the Aizome bedding lineup revolves around removing the toxic chemicals that are found in textiles and replacing those with antibacterial and hypoallergenic materials. BRead More…

Best of Dormify 2021

Dormify Looks For Your Apt or Dorm Your space is all about you. We give you the best looks from Dormify to Dormify your apt or dorm in 2020. Here are all of the unique looks from this year that will prevent your space from looking bland and boring. Cute and cool and just a little purple! Dormify Nirvana Purple and Ombre This Dormify comforter and sham set is the basis for aRead More…

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Best Bamboo Sheets For Hot Sleepers

5 Best Bamboo Sheets for 2020 When searching for the best bamboo sheets you need to think
about more things than when looking at sheets made of other materials. This is
because bamboo bed sheets have a lot of added benefits that cotton, or other
natural or synthetic materials don’t have. These include health and environmental
benefits. Bamboo sheet sets come in a broad range of thread countsRead More…

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Bed Scrunchie Review: Are these sheet suspenders going to keep your sheets from coming off the bed?

The founder of Bed Scrunchie knows that no one likes when the sheets come off the bed at night. Waking up with sheets constantly popping off the bed gets old quickly. Luckily, Jack Nekhala did us all a favor and invented Bed Scrunchie. As an owner of, Jack started working on a solution after his luxury king size bed sheets refused to stay on the bed throughout the night. In 2015, Read More…

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2021 Ugg Blanket Buyers Guide Best known for the wildly popular pink Ugg Slippers, Ugg Bedding has produced a great line of Ugg throw blanket options in addition to the Ugg comforter set, Ugg sheets, Ugg pillow, Ugg duvet cover, Ugg towels, and Ugg robes. The Ugg blanket is best known its super soft feel. But, in testing, these blankets have proven themselves to be durable and fit an vibrant hRead More…

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Best Cooling Bedding For Hot Sleepers (Editor’s Picks 2021)

No one likes waking up at 3am sweating in your sleep. Keeping your bedroom cool is only half the battle with hot sleepers. Finding a cooling mattress, breathable sheets, and the best comforter for hot sleepers is a must if you are going to survive the hottest months of the year without spending a fortune on air conditioning costs. The human body normally drops in temperature as you are dosing offRead More…

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Best Mattresses For Sex| 2021 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

What’s the best mattress for sex? As a result of this frequently asked question, we ranked the best mattresses for sex for those of you looking to get busier in 2020. What can I say, some days at work are better than others. In this case, I volunteered to research and rank the best mattresses for sex. Read more to see which mattress would be best for your sleep style! What type of mattress iRead More…

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Air Mattress| Best Air Mattresses in all sizes

Once you’ve slept a few nights on an air mattress, you will quickly learn that quality makes a huge difference in comfort. An adult will not sleep comfortably on a cheap twin air mattress. The thickness of an air mattress and the ability to hold air throughout the night are two huge factors when you make an air mattress purchase. Inflatable mattresses come in a ton of options that are great forRead More…