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2021 Ugg Blanket Buyers Guide

Best known for the wildly popular pink Ugg Slippers, Ugg Bedding has produced a great line of Ugg throw blanket options in addition to the Ugg comforter set, Ugg sheets, Ugg pillow, Ugg duvet cover, Ugg towels, and Ugg robes. The Ugg blanket is best known its super soft feel. But, in testing, these blankets have proven themselves to be durable and fit an vibrant home life as well.

Ugg Throw Blanket

Starting with the classic UGG Blanket, the UGG Duffield Throw II is a favorite of our reviewers. It is 100% polyester, imported and machine washable. This is very soft, even for a fine poly material. It resists staining well.

The UGG Duffield Throw is shown to the right in indigo but is available in ten colors. These includes calm waters, cream and heather. There are rich dark colors like nightshade, black bear heather and port heather. But also some very light ones including oatmeal heather and seal heather.

UGG Sherpa Throw blanket

The UGG Sherpa Blanket is called the ultimate cuddle experience for a good reason. This is probably the most cuddly Ugg throw blanket. The UGG Bliss Sherpa throw is a fully reversible, oversized throw. It measures 50″ x 70″ which is pretty large and perfect for Netflix and chill.

It is also 100% Polyester and very plush. The UGG Bliss Sherpa is also fully reversible and comes in great colors including Brown, Charcoal, Deep Sage, Dusty Rose, Imperial, Quartz and Seal (shown on the right).

UGG Euphoria Plush Fur Fuzzy Blanket

Reversible Throw Blanket

The UGG Euphoria is the next fuzzy blanket review. It is definitely the most like natural fur. This faux fur blanket comes with fuzzy fur on one side and plush flannel on the other.

The UGG Euphoria measures 50” x 70” which is large enough for two. It is easy to care for. The instructions are to machine wash cold and tumble dry on low.

This flannel blanket is available in seven really beautiful colors; Bone, Charcoal, Dusty Rose, Eucalyptus, Indigo and Seal (shown on the right).

UGG Preston Sweater Knit Tassel Blanket

This is a really nice blanket and the tassels and pattern give the a really cute, homey feel to it.

The UGG Preston blanket is also oversized and measures 50 inches by 70 inches. It comes in six colors. Shown on the right is Denim. This UGG Blanket also comes in Eucalyptus, Sassafras, Seal, Sequoia or Snow.

UGG Duffield Throw II

UGG Duffield Throw II shown in blue

We loved the UGG Duffield Throw II. It measures 4″ high and 15″ wide.

UGG Bliss Sherpa Throw

UGG Classic Sherpa Throw blanket Bliss

UGG Euphoria Plush Fur Reversible Throw

UGG Euphoria Plush Fur UGG blanket review

Shown above, the UGG Euphoria Faux Fur and Flannel Reversible Blanket

UGG Preston Sweater Knit Tassel

UGG Preston Sweater Knit Tassel Blanket ugg blanket

As you can see, UGG Bedding has produced some great blankets that we just love. They are luxurious enough for your Master bedroom, cuddly enough for your couch and durable enough for your kids. If you have teens or students in your life then check out these great looks from Dormify. If you buy them for your bedroom consider pairing them with the My Pillow, which is our highest rated pillow and some really nice My Pillow Giza sheets.

These are our four favorite UGG blanket options for 2020. Let us know which is your favorite.

Are UGG Blankets Machine Washable?

Yes, all UGG Blankets are machine washable on your machines cold setting. Click on a product image to see the confirm the care.

What are UGG Blankets Made of?

UGG Blankets are usually 100% polyester. They can feel like a range of materials including faux fur and flannel. Click on a product image to see the specific details.

Are UGG Blankets soft?

All UGG Blankets are very soft but they have very different feels. The Sherpa is a faux fur and flannel reverse panel. The UGG Preston feels like a sweater. The Duffield is almost like a microfiber. It has very short fibers and is very soft.

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