Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Hibr Pillow| Does the cool touch pillow stay cold?(Updated Review)

Hibr Pillow


Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow



  • cool to the touch
  • most comfortable if you sleep with your arm under the pillow


  • Sold out on Amazon

Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow Review

The Hibr Pillow Review was recently completed by the MattressJunkie.com team. Hibr prides itself in innovation and technology and sells their sleep products direct to consumer. By going direct to consumer, Hibr cuts out the middle man and is able to offer much lower prices than what you would normally find in the store. Hibr’s first product was their cool touch pillow that keep your head cool throughout the night. Hibr’s temperature regulating pillow is great for those who tend to sleep hot and want a cold pillow throughout their sleep session. Hibr now has 2 mattresses and 3 pillows that they currently sell on their site. Hibr is located in Greenville, SC. Check out how the Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow performed in our review process.

Hibr pillow

What sleep position is best for the Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow?

Hibr Pillow is best for side sleepers. This is a no brainer given the name but I also slept with the pillow on my back and also thought the pillow slept very nice. The cut out portion of the pillow is perfect for side sleeping. As a side sleeper, I adjust my pillow so many times in the night. I didn’t wake up 10 times a night like I normally do to adjust with the Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow because my arm fits perfectly under it. My neck is usually my biggest pain point but with the Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow, my spine was perfectly aligned so I woke up pain free. Considering that most people may not know this type of pillow exists, especially if you sleep on your side, this pillow will change your life.

Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow Review

Tell me more about the Hibr cover.

The cover of the Hibr pillow is removable and can be washed in the washing machine on delicate cycle. You could use it without a pillow case but I always recommend putting a pillow case on it. The cover is light and breathes well throughout the night.

Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow Review

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What’s under Hibr  Pillow cover?

The Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow is made of gel infused memory foam. This allows the pillow to sleep cool throughout the sleep experience. In addition to the gel infused into the memory foam, solid gel capsules are imbedded into the high quality memory foam. Hibr Side Sleeper Pillow breathes well and sleeps cool. There’s nothing  worse than waking up hot. Heat retention is something Hibr mastered with this pillow.

How much does the Hibr cost?

The Hibr cooling pillow costs $99 USD.

cool to the touch cover

What Size is the Hibr Pillow?

The Hibr’s side sleeper pillow is 22.6 wide and 15.9 inches wide.

Does Hibr offer a sleep trial on their pillow?

Hibr offers all buyers a 100 day sleep trial. Hibr also allows you to swap your pillow out with another shape if you decide you prefer a shape other than what you bought.

Do you need to put a pillowcase over cooling pillows?

Do whatever is most comfortable to you. Sleepers who prefer cold pillows sometimes add a cooling pillow cover in order to keep their pillow clean. If your cooling pillow doesn’t have a removable cover, in this case you would need a cooling pillow case like the Slumbercloud Nacreous Pillow Cover. If you suffer from chronic hot sleeping, you should consider investing in a Bed Jet (from Sharktank). This bed cooling system keeps the sleeper’s body temperature maintained through air being forced under the sheets. Another option would be a ChiliPad which operates with the same goal in mind as the Bed Jet but pumps cold water through a mat under the sleeper’s body to keep their sleep surface temperature at the most preferred sleep temperature (and warm water if you tend to sleep cold)

Would we recommend the Hibr Pillow?

The Hibr Pillow really changed how I recommend pillows. As a side sleeper, I have always been annoyed at having to adjust my pillow every night, multiple times a night. If you sleep with you arm under your pillow, Hibr would be extremely comfortable for you. If you dont sleep with your arm under the pillow but still want a cold pillow cover that’s always cool to the touch, the Tempurpedic Breeze Cooling Pillow would be a better fit for you.