BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System Review

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System Review

The team recently reviewed the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System. Whether you suffer with overheating, night sweats, can’t get warm at night, or simply don’t agree with your bed partner on room temperature, BedJet could be your new best friend. Temperature control is a major factor in your overall ability to get a good night’s rest. The most common reason for waking up at night is due to your sleep temperature. The BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System uses forced air to cool the sleeper to their personal desired sleep temperature. BedJet’s single and dual zone setup is customizable to accommodate one or two sleepers. Check out more of our thoughts on BedJet below.

How much assembly is required for the BedJet?

The BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System is easy to put together. They included detailed instructions and it takes about 5 minutes to set up. You literally need to snap a few parts together and you are done.

Will the BedJet fit under my bed?

BedJet needs 7 inches to slide under the bed. The BedJet itself is 6.75 inches tall. If you have 7 inches of clearance under the bed, you will be fine. If you don’t have 7 inches of clearance, you will need to order the vertical mount BedJet stand to hold your Bedjet.

How does the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System work?

The BedJet cools the sleeper by sending a quiet stream of air into your bed. The BedJet pulls from the coolest air in the room – the room from the floor – and circulates it through your bedding to cool you off. This is incredibly effective for bedroom temperatures under 79 degrees so making sure you have the accurate setup and assembly is very important.

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System ReviewBedJet V2 Climate Comfort System Review

Different Configurations

The BedJet has multiple configurations for different bed sizes and for those sleeping with a bed partner. We tried out the AirComfort Cloud Sheet with our BedJet and highly recommend since it’s made to exclusively fit the BedJet.

With a single BedJet V2 and a Dual Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet configuration, you can cool or warm one side of the bed without disturbing the sleep temperature of the other side. The Dual Zone AirComforter creates two independent zones within the sheet, without putting a barrier between the sleeping partners.

With a full BedJet V2 Dual Zone Climate Comfort System (consists of two BedJets and a Dual Zone sheet) you can cool or heat both sides of the bed simultaneously:

With a single BedJet and a Single Zone AirComfort Cloud Sheet, you can make the entire bed one uniform


How loud is the BedJet when it’s running at night?

BedJet has special acoustic damping technology built into the case and air delivery system. This makes it one of the quietest sources of air from any small consumer appliance. The noise is a very soothing background white noise and similar to your household HVAC register. BedJet’s highest fan speed and Turbo bed warming settings are extremely powerful and do generate more noticeable noise than this, but Turbo-heat mode is limited to running for maximum of 10 minutes. Turbo-heat is just too powerful for all night sleeping but it feels great when you get in – no other product can warm the bed by 30 degrees in five minutes like the BedJet! Typical all night sleep settings are with the fan speed set at around 50%, which is incredibly quiet.

How much does a BedJet cost?

BedJet is $299. The AirComfort Cloud Sheet is $99-$159 depending on size. The BedJet hose extension is $19.99 and highly recommended if bottom of your bed is not near an electrical outlet.

Will BedJet save me on my electric bill?

Every degree of temperature changed on the thermostat will save you 4% on your electric bill.

Is there a warranty?

The BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System comes with a 60 day risk free trial and 2 year warranty.

Final thoughts on the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort System

The BedJet changed the game for us this summer when we tried it out. Some summer nights are just so hot that sleeping cool is hard without really lowering the air conditioner. The BedJet keeps you cool all night and is just the right amount of air to keep you from being disrupted and the white noise from the machine reminded me of the fan I used to run all night long. BedJet keep me cooler than any other cooling product I tried. I would recommend the two zone if you sleep with a bed partner. Start your 60 day trial and see for yourself.

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