Wolf Mateo Mattress Review

Wolf Mattress Review| Where to buy Wolf Mattresses?

Wolf Mattress Review


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  • 10 year warranty
  • 680 wrapped coil support
  • Reputation for quality and service
Wolf Mattress

Wolf Corp is the oldest mattress manufacturer in the United States under continuous family ownership. Wolf Corporation has been creating mattresses since 1873. With over 140 years of mattress knowledge, creativity, and innovation, Wolf has been a trailblazer in the bedding industry. Wolf Corporation is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  As a result of owning the only license in the world for Serta Futon Mattresses, Wolf has sold a tremendous amount of their famous Serta futons. Wolf Corp has a fleet of innerspring mattresses, commercial mattresses, RV mattresses, platform bed frames, and adjustable bed frames. For the purpose of this review, Wolf sent over a firm, queen size, innerspring mattress. Read more about this Wolf mattress below.

Does Wolf Mattress Sell Innerspring Mattresses?

The Wolf mattress is one of the few innerspring mattresses-in-a-box options on the market today. 

Is Wolf Mattress Made In The US?

Wolf Corporation is located in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Manufactures In the US.

Is Wolf Mattress A Reputable Company?

Wolf Corp is the oldest mattress manufacturer in the United States under continuous family ownership. Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Wolf Corporation has been creating mattresses since 1873 and has an excellent reputation.

What is the Wolf Mattress Made of?

The Wolf mattress has 680 wrapped coils that are 8 inches high. Each coils is surrounded by Wolf bonded posture pads. The wrapped coils also have 2 inches of Certi-PUR poly foam on both sides.

What Sleep Style Works Best with the Wolf Mateo Mattress?

The Wolf Mateo Mattress has medium firmness and Medium firm works well with all sleep styles.

What type of base should I place my Wolf Mateo Mattress on?

We tested our Wolf Mateo Mattress on a Wolf frame. A box spring, platform bed, or the floor would also work fine with the Wolf Mateo Mattress.

Does the Wolf Matteo mattress have a chemical smell when taken out of the box?

The Wolf Matteo mattress is an innerspring mattress so it has no noticeable smell when unboxed. Memory foam and hybrid mattresses often have a stronger, chemical smell for up to 24 hours.

What Type of Warranty and sleep trial Does Wolf Offer?

Wolf offers a 10-year warranty on their all innerspring and hybrid mattresses.

Where Do You Buy A Wolf Mattresses?

Wolf Mattresses Can Be Bought Direct From The Company Online or By Phone. Although Coupons and Discount Links Can Be Found On Other Websites.

Wolf queen innerspring mattress
Wolf Innerspring Mattress

Tell me more about the Wolf Mateo Mattress cover.

The Wolf Mateo Mattress has a luxury stretch knit cover quilted with foam for an extra layer of comfort. The mattress has the same cover on both sides so it can be flipped for comfort that lasts over time. The cover has a blue and white scheme.

What’s Under Wolf Mattress cover?

Unlike many mattresses you see today, the Wolf features flippable firmness. As a result of so many sleepers not knowing which preferred comfort is best for their sleep style,  Wolf created one of the few innerspring mattress that can be flipped over for a medium level of softness on one side and a much firmer option on their other side.  The poly foam adds a layer of comfort to the sleep surface. This means you can flip the mattress over and preserve your comfort and wear and tear over time too which adds to the overall mattress average lifespan. Many mattresses today don’t have a flippable firmness feature so a percentage of sleepers get stuck with a mattress made for the majority and not a custom mattress made for their individual sleep style. Wolf has spent 140 years perfecting their mattress offering and are confident that a double-sided mattress is more durable than the average innerspring mattress you would buy at a traditional mattress seller like Raymour Flanigan, Mattress Firm. 

The Wolf Mateo Mattress is a medium firm in terms of firmness. The coils do a great job of minimizing the sinking feeling that many consumers complain about with memory foam mattress. The coils do a great job of minimizing the sinking feeling that many consumers complain about when they go with an all memory foam mattress. Medium firm works well with all sleep styles.

 Mateo firm innerspring queen Mattress

Some mattresses have an odor to them when you unroll and remove the vacuum sealed plastic. The Wolf mattress had no noticeable smell when unboxed. Most memory foam and hybrid mattresses have a stronger “new mattress” off gassing smell when unboxed.

How much does the Wolf Mateo Mattress cost?

  • Twin size mattress- $260
  • Twin XL – $285
  • Full size mattress-$355
  • Queen size mattress-$430
  • King size mattress-$530
firm innerspring mattress

Do we recommend the Wolf  Mattress?

All Wolf Mattresses are well made. Wolf Corp has been in business for 150 years so they know mattresses. A queen mattress this nice for $430 dollars is an absolute steal. The double-sided feature will last longer over time since you can easily flip it to manage the wear. Wolf’s fortified edge support is as good as you will find in any mattress on the market. Wolf would not be able to stay in the mattress business for over 150 years and as a result, they know how to make a quality innerspring mattress. If you want a more traditional mattress, Wolf’s innerspring mattresses are as high quality as I  have ever seen. Similar mattresses are 3x the price and use cheap materials from China that lose support very quickly when slept on every night. 

Our Wolf Mattress Review concludes that the Matteo Mattress is a solidly built, well priced and well made innerspring offering. Wolf is a highly reputable company with a long tradition of excellence in the industry.