Utopia Bedding Sheets and Pillows

Utopia Bedding Sheets and Pillows

Bedding Pillows Sheets

This is part two of our Utopia Bedding review for 2020. In the fist part we looked at all kinds of Utopia Bedding items for your bed including comforters, Duvet inserts and mattress pads. Here we will focus on the best Utopia Bedding sheets and our favorite Utopia bedding Pillows.

These are all great. But the top products we have reviewed this year are the My Pillow sheets which are great for any use, especially for people with pain or allergies. Also we love the Sol Organics and California Design Den sheets.

Utopia Bedding pillows are very good. But, we often get the question is My Pillow worth it? It is the best rated pillow we have tested and we answer that question. For the best pillow cover look at our Slumber Cloud reviews.

Utopia Bedding Sheets

Utopia bedding sheets are an excellent value. They are inexpensive and a four piece set is less than $20 for any color or size.

The microfiber feels really good, it is smooth, easy to care for and will hold its color pretty well. The colors are no-nonsense. They are grey, black, white, navy, spa blue, beige and dark grey.

To be able to get a four piece set for a Queen, King of California King for less than $20 is a really good value.

The microfiber doesn’t feel as great as cotton or a blend but they are still very nice. They also hold up to repeat washing really well and you can expect they will wear out long before the color fades.

Utopia Bedding Bulk Sheets

One of the best things about Utopia Bedding sheets is they sell them in bulk. For large families, people running bed and breakfasts or Airbnbs or maybe a small camp this can be a really great deal.

The pack to the right includes 24 fitted twin sheets for less than $5 a piece. They come in white or grey and Utopia Bedding flat sheets and pillow cases are also available in bulk.

Utopia Bedding sheets microfiber fitted set

Consider pairing this with the UGG blanket. They are a cuddly match made in heaven.

Utopia Bedding microfiber sheets in bulk

utopia bedding sheets bulk pack

Utopia Bedding Pillows

Utopia Bedding Cotton Gusseted Pillow

This is a classic. The gusseted cotton fabric, Fiber Fill pillow is medium firm, with 1100 grams filling in the Queen and 1500 grams of filling in the King. They measure 18″ by 26″

The Utopia Bedding gusseted cotton pillow works for any sleep position; side, stomach and back sleepers.

They should be easy to maintain, just get them dry cleaned periodically. Make sure you replace them regularly, people keep their pillows longer than the recommended life.

Utopia Bedding Toddler Pillow

These 13″ by 18″ toddler pillows are 100% Cotton. The cover is 250 thread count, cotton blend.

Don’t let your small child sleep on an adult pillow. THey are too large and have too much fill and will not position their neck properly. The fill on these is 250 grams which is much less than the Utopia Bedding pillows for adults.

These are easy to care for and also make a nice little travel pillow either for kids to have their familiar pillow or for adults to use on a plane.

Plush Gel Pillow

This is Utopia Bedding’s gel filled pillow option. It has a nice firmness level adn the support of 1200 grams of poly gel fiber.

This should be good for any sleeping position but stomach sleepers may find this a really good option. Best of all these are a great value. Gel pillows for $25 is a steal.

Utopia Bedding Throw Pillows

No bed is complete without throw pillows, but they can be ridiculously expensive. They come in nine sizes from 12″ x 12″ which cost just $10 for a 2-pack to 28″ x 28″ for just $45 a pair!

Utopia Bedding throw pillows are a perfect decorative addition to your home. They should last a really long time. The poly cotton cover and siliconized fiber filling will hold up to most use.

These are especially great for families. If your pets / kids / spouse destroys them you won’t feel like you witnessed money flying out of the window. So buy extras and just toss them when they lose their new look.

Gusseted Pillow

Utopia Bedding Pillow Gussseted Cotton Pillow

Two Pack Utopia Bedding Toddler Pillow

utopia bedding toddler pillow two pack

See what families say about these toddler pillow. This link includes dozens of customer reviews.

Utopia Bedding Gel Pillow

Utopia bedding gel pillow

You can read all the customer reviews online by following this link and going to the bottom of the page.

Utopia Bedding Throws

Utopia bedding throw pillows decorative

We hope you liked our choices of Utopia Bedding pillows and sheets. For some more luxurious options consider the My Pillow Sheets. They are excellent and out best rated. The Boll and Branch sheets are extremely soft, organic cotton sheets. A really unique product is the SHEEX sheets which are made of material similar to athletic wear.

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