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How To Stop Farting In Your Sleep?

Healthier Sleeping

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Some sleep habits are more annoying than others. Snoring and farting are the most disruptive. Sleep farts are usually less common than snoring but the embarrassment of ripping a big fart while sleeping is pretty disgusting. The average person farts 10-25 times per day. Many work environments would not consider farting to be socially unacceptable. Read more to learn a few tips to manage your gas.

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What causes someone to fart in their sleep?

The most relaxed time in a person’s life is when they are sleeping. When you sleep, the body gives up control of certain functions. Sometimes we get so relaxed that farts slide out without even knowing. Most people working in a professional environment would not be conducive to passing gas so holding it in all day is not healthy and will cause gas to be worse while you are sleeping.

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What are ways to better control gas?

Gas can be controlled through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Below listed are 6 lifestyle and health changes that you can immediately start doing to control gas.

  1. Diet- The foods you eat play a big role in how much gas you have. Eat beans and see how fast you turn into a fart machine. Beans, onions, broccoli, fried foods, prunes, peas, oats, potatoes are all high in fiber. A high fiber diet will cause excessive gas. Toning high fiber foods will directly impact your overall gassiness.
  2. Drink More Water- water flushes out your system and is so beneficial to your overall health. Carbonated drinks will increase gas so they should be avoided at all times.
  3. Don’t Sleep On Your Stomach- Stomach sleepers are more prone to farting due to the gas being pressed outward. Stomach sleepers can also have acid reflux issues. Always sleep on your side or back and use an acid reflux pillow if needed.
  4. Don’t Eat Before Bed- Not activating your system before you lay down will lead to less gas. Gas releases over time so eating earlier allows less gas buildup.
  5. Stop Smoking- Smoking has a laundry list of side effects and excessive gas is one of those.
  6. Take an anti-gas pill

Farting in your sleep can really cause a strain in your relationship if you don’t make an effort to fix it. A few changes in lifestyle and health can drastically reduce your gas. You can easily cut fiber out of your diet and drink more water. Save yourself the embarrassment and start living a healthier lifestyle.

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