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SHEEX Sheets Reviews 2020

We decided to try SHEEX and see if they are worth the price. SHEEX sheets are a premium product. Because you can buy them on Amazon and TrySHEEX, our SHEEX reviews will compare costs and look at the quality, value, durability and care and a little about the company. Each set is pretty different.

SHEEX was founded in 2007 by two basketball coaches at the University of South Carolina. Michelle Brooke-Marciniak and Susan Walvius were used to wearing athletic gear and thought the material would make great bedding and sheets. They Performance Sheets are 87% polyester and 13% spandex. The company claims the material sleeps cooler and breathe almost 50% better than other bedding fabrics. Although best known for sheets, SHEEX has expanded into Duvets, comforters and sleepwear.

SHEEX Sheets

Original Performance Sheets

This is the original and most popular SHEEX sheets. They do feel like athletic wear. They are 87% polyester and 13% spandex which sounds really hot but actually is the opposite.

These feel really different than an organic cotton sheet like Boll and Branch sheets. If you are a hot sleeper, you may like these SHEEX sheets.

Aside from the material, SHEEX sheets are made well well too. They have a thick elastic and a deep pocket so fit well. They should fit well on 6–18″ thick mattresses.

We liked them a lot and our SHEEX sheets review rates this a “Buy” but we would recommend the My Pillow sheets over these.

SHEEX Luxury Copper Sheets

Lots of people believe in the benefits of copper and I am not going to examine them here. If you believe in it, then this is an interesting option.

These are also wrinkle-resistant and easy to care for. Just machine wash in cold water on a regular cycle. Skip the bleach and fabric softener including dryer sheets. Tumble dry on low.

According to SHEEX, the Luxury copper sheets promote healthy skin rejuvenation. Because the fabric is PRO+IONIC copper it releases ions that “may” decrease oxidants in the body.

SHEEX Ecosheex Bamboo Origin Sheet Set

These are really nice. They are essentially Rayon. It is made from viscose. It isn’t clear is the viscose is derived entirely from bamboo, but that isn’t really important to me.

This has a really nice, silky sheen to it. If you get the night sweats you will like them. They sleep dry and wick the moisture away from your skin. They are not as wrinkle resistant as the other SHEEX sheets.

Although we like these, I think you should look at the Utopia Bedding sheets before buying these.

Bamboo is a sustainable natural bedding material and softer than cotton or linen.

These are also easy to care for. Just machine wash on your cold setting. Do not use bleach and tumble dry low.

SHEEX Original Performance Sheets

SHEEXS sheets original in white TRYSHEEX review

Because they are a poly/ spandex mix, they are pretty durable and easy to care for as well.

One unexpected benefit it these are very wrinkle resistant. You just machine wash.

The sheet set comes in a dozen solid colors. Each has a single fitted sheet, a single flat sheet and two pillow cases. The colors are all vibrants. I would have prefered to have some subdued colors and patterns to choose from.

SHEEX Luxury Copper Sheets

SHEEX Sheets Luxury copper set

These SHEEX sheets come in 8 colors. Also, some of the sizes weren’t available when we checked last. Hopefully that is resolved. Amazon seems better for pricing and posssibly shipping, availability seems to favor TrySHEEX reviews suggest.

SHEEX Bamboo Sheets

SHEEX bamboo sheets SHEEX Sheets

SHEEX Comforter and Duvet Cover

SHEEX Bamboo Fabric Comforter

This SHEEX comforter made with bamboo viscose fabric, like the bamboo sheet set. As a result it sleeps very cool and dry.

This may also be the most attractive SHEEX comforter. It is a really nice one and compares well to the UGG Blanket or Utopia Bedding Comforter.

SHEEX Duvet Cover

This SHEEX Duvet cover is made of the same 87% polyester, 13% spandex  Performance fabric as the Original SHEEX sheets. So it matches well and has the same benefits.

It is very cool, dry and relatively wrinkle resistant. The material has a similar sheen. This is great for hot sleepers and people who sweat a lot.

SHEEX Comforter Bamboo Fabric

SHEEX Performance Fabric DUVET Cover

SHEEXS Duvet cover performance

SHEEX Blanket: CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket

SHEEX Weighted Blanket

This weighted SHEEX blanket weighs a full 15 pounds and measures 48″ by 72″. If you never used a weighted blanket then almost feel like a hig all night. A lot of people are surprised how much better they sleep.

SHEEX blankets are nice but we still prefer the UGG blanket and suggest you check that out. Also, the Utopia Bedding comforter got very high marks.

SHEEX Coupon

Click here to save 5% with coupon SHEEX CALM + COOL Weighted Blanket on Amazon, not available on TrySHEEX reviews concluded.

TRYSHEEX reviews SHEEX blanket weighted blanket


We have send a clear trend in bedding and sheets where it is cheaper and you get better terms and shipping buying from a company through Amazon instead of their own website. That is true of SHEEX too. The SHEEX Amazon store has an excellent selection, better pricing, usually Prime shipping and returns and you still get the 30 night warranty.

SHEEX Guarantee and Returns

30 Night Sleep Trial

You can return your SHEEX product withing 30 nights of purchase for a full refund. The refund is posted to the card it was purchased on so gifts are refunded to whomever paid for the order. You don’t need to have bought them on in order to get this. In fact, Amazon offers better pricing and Prime Shipping and returns on every SHEEX product we looked at. This covers all SHEEX sheets, SHEEX duvet covers, SHEEX blankets and other SHEEX bedding. Beyond 30 days, they will accept returns only for defects. They exclude gift cards and international purchases.

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