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Online Mattress Shopping: Why Shop Online?


Online mattress shopping is becoming more and more popular over the last few years.  The process of the past where a consumer went into the mattress store, sat on a mattress for 2 minutes before bouncing to another set before making a quick decision on a very expensive purchase is now made so much cheaper through online mattress retailers. The traditional mattress buying experience in store feels very similar to used car shopping. Every mattress is expensive and all are on sale. The true test comes a month later when that mattress that felt amazing on the show floor is hotter than a furnace.

Direct to Consumer Means Better Prices and Selection

Online mattress shopping changed the mattress shopping process dramatically over the last years. Online mattress retailers are able to offer consumers high quality mattresses shipped direct without costly middlemen. These mattresses come with an awesome warranty that takes away all risk to the consumer. If you don’t like your mattress, get 100% of your money back as long as you make your claim within 100 days (on average). Even though you can’t lay on your mattress for 2 minutes on the showroom floor, you can still rest peacefully knowing that you have zero risk in sending it back

Online Mattress Options

Many online mattress retailers are offering consumers a high end, luxury experience at a fraction of the cost. Mattress tech is the new term being used to describe the array of benefits that these mattress companies online are mastering. Each individual company has a unique mattress that specializes in different areas. If you sleep hot, have a bad back, want chemical free, etc. Literally every company has something different for a different sleep experience. Make sure you do your homework and read our summaries before jumping to a decision you could regret. Your back will thank you in the long run.

Traditional retailers are competing as well. Walmart’s mattress in a box selection has improved a lot. Starting in 2019 we began publishing both Sam’s Club and Costco mattress reviews. also have mattress options.

So, because of online mattress shopping, selection and value have never been better. But, with so much choice it has never been harder to cut through the hype and that is what we at Mattress Junkies are here for.

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