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My Pillow Dog Bed| Review of My Pillow For Pets

my pillow dog bed

My Pillow dog bed review was recently completed by the team. My Pillow is well known for their My Pillow premium and classic pillow. Mike Lindell created his famous brand that he sold at home and garden shows and in mall kiosks before his famous infomercial was seen by millions of people in 2011. Lindell calls My Pillow the “world’s most comfortable pillow.” My Pillow has come a long way from selling in the mall, now My Pillow can be found in Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club, Kohl’s, Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Big sites like QVC and Amazon carry the My Pillow sleep line. In addition to the famous bed pillows, MyPillow has a line of quality products for humans and for pets like the My Pillow dog bed and My Pillow body pillow that are both newer releases. We recently published a review of the My Pillow sheets and did a full My Pillow review on the My Pillow premium pillow. The My Pillow dog bed features the same memory foam interlocking fill as the My Pillow classic and premium pillow and as a result, your dog should love it. Find out what our 3 dogs thought of their new upgraded pet bed accommodations.

What sizes does the dog bed come in and what are the dimensions?

The My Pillow dog bed comes in small, medium, and large. Exact dimensions are below.

Small- 18×24 with a 2-inch gusset

Medium- 24×36 with a 3-inch gusset

Large- 34×45 with a 4-inch gusset

My Pillow dog bed reviews

What’s the My Pillow dog bed made from?

My Pillow Pet Bed features the same interlocking memory foam pillow fill of the My Pillow classic or premium. The “world’s most comfortable pillow” just became the “world’s most comfortable dog bed”.

My Pillow

Tell me more about the removable cover.

The My Pillow dog bed has a two-sided, removable cover as you can see from the photos. The washable My Pillow cover on the dog bed is tear resistant, moisture resistant, mildew and odor resistant. Color options available are blue, brown, burgundy, gray, green, pink, and tan. The My Pillow dog bed can be washed in the washing machine just like the My Pillow classic. Washing your dog bed once per month like you do your My Pillow bed pillows, will guarantee it stays clean and fluffy just like the day you got it. As a result of the dryer, the memory foam interlocking fill will return to its original fluffy loft every time My Pillow is run through a low heat dryer session.

My Pillow large size dog bed

How much does the My Pillow Dog Bed cost?

Amazon carries the MyPillow dog bed and prices are the best of any online that we’ve come across. The My Pillow dog bed costs $34.97 for small, $54.97 for medium, and $99.97 for large.

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Finals thoughts on My Pillow

My Pillow dog bed comes with a 10-year limited warranty, is made in the USA, has the same memory foam interlocking fill as the original My Pillow premium and is reasonably priced. The removable cover makes it easy to wash. Everyone wants their furry friend to have the same comfort that they do. My Pillow dog bed would be a great choice if you are looking to upgrade your pet’s bed and want your best friend to be as comfortable as possible. Has your furry friend been good enough this year to earn the “world’s most comfortable dog bed”? Get your pet something they actually want this holiday. Order your My Pillow dog bed on Amazon now.