mood pod chair in an outdoor moon pod gray cover

Mood Pod Review| Is the Moon Pod Lounge Chair Worth the $$?

moonpod chair
Moon pod chair

The popular Moon Pod was recently reviewed by the team. Moonpod is a popular zero gravity floor chair that has been featured in was designed to mimic the floating sensation that float therapy provides to ease anxiety, stress, neck and back pain, ADHD, etc. Moon Pod is not the average bean bag chair for kids that you used to sink into and struggle to get out of. Engineered with EPS beads, Moon Pod zero gravity chair design makes you feel like you are floating vs sinking in on a traditional bean bag. Moonpod chairs have a ton of uses around the home. You can use the super moon pod like a jumbo lounger indoors or get one of the bean bag covers designed to to transform your moon pod chair into an outdoor lounge chair. One of the hottest gaming chairs in my house, my moon pod chair has completely replaced my old Big Joe Milano chair that I used to be loyal to. Check out more Moon Pod details below.

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What’s so great about about a bean bag chair?

Unlike the traditional bean bag chair, the Moon Pod is made from EPS beads that provide a floating sensation when you lay on it. The beads are conforming to all body shapes while relieving pressure on your back and neck. In addition to being comfortable, the floating sensation you get when you lay on the Moon Pod relieves stress, anxiety, and has a ton of other health benefits. We were extremely pleased with how comfortable the Moon Pod was and getting up wasn’t extremely hard like you experience with a traditional bean bag.

moon pod
Moon pod gaming chair

What are the dimensions of a Moon Pod?

Moon Pod’s modern bean bag chairs weigh 12 pounds and are lightweight enough to move from room to room easily. Moon Pod’s exact dimensions are Expect the Moon Pod to take up 4 square feet in the area it’s placed in. The Moon Pod’s bead filing molds to your body whether you are sitting, reclining, or laying flat.

Converting Your Moon Pod Into An Outdoor Bean Bag Chair

In addition to being our favorite gaming bean bag chair, our second favorite place to enjoy our moonpod lounger is outdoors. Adding a moon pod to our Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair set really enhanced our outdoor fire pit lounge area so it’s a must have add on to your moon pod chair purchase. Your moonpod won’t arrive with an outdoor cover but Moonpod sells an outdoor cover that fits over the current moonpod cover with a zipper. This allows you to use your new outdoor bean bag in a ton of new ways. The outdoor moonpod cover was a game changer for me. There’s no hotter seat on my roof deck on any day or night than the moon pod.

How do you wash a Moonpod Bean Bag Chair?

The soft, removable Moon Pod cover is machine washable. Moon Pod’s zippered cover can easily be removed and washed. There’s also an option to get an outdoor cover for $99 that goes on top of your Moon Pod’s cover and allows for outdoor use. The outdoor bean bag lounger that the Moon Pod transforms into is an excellent addition to any outside sitting area. 

Order a moonpod cover to convert your moon pod chair to an outdoor bean bag. If you are looking for a pink gaming chair, order a pink moon pod and convert it to the best gaming chair you have ever used. Pewdiepie gaming chair is not as nice as a moon pod.

What Moon Pod Colors Are Available?

Moon Pod’s zippered cover comes in 5 colors. Choose between moon indigo, cosmic ash, space gray, neptune blue, or rose quartz. The rose quartz is our personal favorite Moon pod color. My niece uses hers as a pink gaming chair. Moon pod can also be customized with an external moon pod cover so you can change the cover color and transform the use. The outdoor cover is only available right now in gray.

moon pod price of 299 with a currently 25% off moon pod sale
Moon Pod Cost

How Much Does A Moon Pod Cost?

Moon pod sales are several. times per year. Right now, save $100 on any moon pod model purchase. Moon pod costs $299. If you want to add an ottoman to your moon pod lounge chair setup, a moon pod lunar lift will cost you $139. Super moon pod cost is $499 on sale from the normal $675. If you are looking for the best reading pillow, pair a moon pod chair with a moon pos crescent pillow. You wont’t need a moonpod promo code, the price has already been adjusted for you.

Final Thoughts on the Moon Pod

We tried the Moon Pod for ourselves for a few weeks to see what all the hype was about. The floating sensation of the Moon Pod is relaxing and extremely comfortable. The filing conforms to your body without that sinking feeling that makes traditional bean bags hard to get up from. Another huge perk is the size of the Moon Pod. Since it only weighs 12 pounds, it’s incredibly versatile and can be used in a ton of settings around the house. The outdoor cover transforms your Moon Pod into an outdoor lounge chair or a moon chair as my kids call it. Since adding the Moon Pod my city roof deck, there’s not been a hotter seat in my house. You have been warned, be prepared for every guest to choose your Moon Pod as their seat of choice when they see it in your home.

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big Joe Milano chair
Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

Moon Pod Alternatives

There are several moonpod chair alternatives on the market if you aren’t ready to pull the trigger on a moon pod right now. A less expensive bean bag chair option is the Big Joe Chair. You may have seen Big Joe chairs at Walmart or Target lately. Big Joe is a popular, inexpensive moonpod alternative. Big Joe classic chair in stretch limo black retails for less than $40 and has 15k positive reviews on Amazon. Big Joe bean bags are usually in stock with limited color options. If you want a black bean bag, ordering online is your best bet. Click here for the top Big Joe bean bag chairs.

moon pod vs yogibo
Yogibo Bean Bag Chair

Yogibo vs Moon Pod

Yogibo is another popular brand of bean bag chairs and bean bag loungers. Yogibo bean bag chairs have a removable cover that is easily washed. Yogibu Midi bean bag chair is one of the best gaming chairs for kids. The Yobibo max is also a popular bean bag. This 6 foot bean bag bed is perfect for adults lounging and doesn’t break the bank at $279. If you are looking for a cheaper moon pod alternative, weighing the yogibo vs moon pod pros and cons is a good idea. The Yogibo bean bag chair is a quality bean bag at a cheaper price point than moon pod. Click here to see Yogibo bean bag chair options.

yogibo vs moon pod
Yogibo Max

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