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The Big Comfy Couch

Modern sofa sets are a great way to transform your living room energy. Finding the perfect modern couch is not always easy. Furniture stores are hit or miss with limited inventory since the pandemic started. A big comfy couch is not a cheap investment. Without seeing your sofa in person, it’s hard to make a purchasing decision that large without trying it first. Just like the mattress industry that transformed from mattress stores to shipping in a box via online ordering, the modern sofa industry has also made that switch. Ordering a high quality sofa online with a money back guarantee is easy and a way easier decision that you could have imagined. The sofa in a box industry is growing rapidly and you will save yourself a fortune if you check out some of our recommendations below. Couch colors that’s aren’t common are much easier to find online than in your local store. Whether you need a modern white leather couch or an emerald green velvet sofa, we have all the best options summed up for you below.

best velvet sofa under 1000

Velvet Couch

Velvet sofas have made a huge comeback the last few years. A modern velvet sofa can add a luxurious touch of color and style to your living room. Velvet couches are durable and comfortable. If you have pets or kids, a gray velvet sofa will definitely show less wear and tear vs. a black velvet couch. If you want a colored living room sofa, a velvet couch will give you a ton of options as well as sizes. Velvet sectional sofas are also plentiful in stock online so check out our favorite velvet sofa options before you make a final purchasing decision.

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velvet couch with velvet chaise lounge from Burrow. Pink velvet sofa is a modern sofa option available as a couch in a box online
Pink Velvet Sofa

Pink Velvet Couch

Burrow is one of our favorite sofa brands. We’ve personally used a Burrow couch for years and it’s been the most durable couch that we’ve owned. Burrow ships their sofas direct to your house and requires limited assembly. Burrow couch assembly is super easy. In addition to the velvet sofa line, Burrow also has brown leather sofas, black leather couches, and upholstered sofas in an array of sizes and setups. Burrow also has a velvet sofa setup with a velvet loveseat and velvet accent chairs for a matching living room set. Burrow’s pink velvet sofa in the pic above with gold couch legs is one of the most popular pink couches and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you change your mind. Don’t worry, you won’t send it back. Burrow velvet sofas rarely go on sale but click here to customize and get a price range for your new velvet sofa.

green couch with green chaise lounge is a modern couch option for those looking for am emerald green velvet sofa
Green Velvet Sofa

Emerald Green Velvet Couch

A green velvet sofa adds a luxurious feel to any home. A green velvet couch will definitely set the living room mood. A popular modern green velvet sofa is one of the most popular green couches available in today’s furniture market. If you go with a green velvet sofa like the Burrow velvet sofa above (click here to see price), the gold couch legs add a high end touch that you expect to see on much more expensive sofa sets from high end retailers like West Elm or Crate and Barrel.

Black Velvet Couch

If you need a black couch, you will save yourself a ton of money and time if you order it online. Add a black velvet couch to your living room space for a clean, more masculine look. There are plenty of modern black couch options outside of black leather couches if your mind is set on a black couch, there’s velvet black sofa options as well as fabric black couches. Pair your black couch with led floor lamps and a pair of leather accent chairs for a formal vibe or a moon pod chair and black lava lamp for a more laid back vibe.

best sofa under 400 as well as the best sofa under 500, best sectional sofa under 1000, best sectional sofa under 2500 dollars

Blue Velvet Sectional Sofa

Blue couches have become more and more popular in modern living room set ups over the last few years. Blue velvet sofas range from a standard 3 seater couch to modular sectional couches made to seat many. Add a navy blue couch to any living room for a cozy modern living room vibe. The Burrow Reviews from the last few years have catapulted this blue sofa into one of the most popular blue velvet couch options for those looking for an upgrade.

 yellow sofa made by Floyd furniture is a modern yellow 2 seater sofa under 1500. best modern sofa under 1500
Modern Yellow Sofa

Modern Yellow Sofa

A bright yellow couch will lighten up even the darkest of living room spaces. Vintage yellow couches aren’t just in your old photographs. There’s a ton of modern yellow couches that are affordable if you skip the furniture store and order online. Yellow couches are beautiful when they are new but aren’t always the best with kids and messy pets. Adding a yellow sofa to your living roof or bedroom will not only look good now, you should be able to get many uses out of it for many years to come. Like that vintage red leather couch from your Dad’s basement, it will look good in a starter house, basement, or family room as you expand.

Modway Mid Century Sofa dimensions- 32.5 Long x 74 Wide x 32.5 Height

Armrest height from deat dimensions- 8.5 inches

Floor to bottom of sofa dimensions- 8.5 inches

Modway Mid Century Sofa weight capacity is 662 pounds.

modway furniture makes a modway modern 2 seater sofa that comes in several colors. Gray couches are timeless. Modway sectional sofa named best sofa sleeper under 800
Modern Gray Retro Couch

Retro Couch 2 Seater Sofa

Modway furniture is a highly rated brand. Modway has a huge line of furniture from bed frames to sofas. This Modway sofa is shaped like a vintage couch and is a top choice for best gaming couches. The gray tufted sofa has various colored tufted buttons that add a retro couch vibe to this 3 seater couch. Mid century modern couch options from Modway are some of the best couches for under $800 on the market. Modway offers this mid century modern sofa in an array of colors. Modway’s yellow sofa from this same collection is a top seller and one of the most popular sofas for apartments. The matching accent chair to this sofa set is one of the best selling accent chairs so make sure to check it out if you’re in the market for matching living room set.

Modway Mid Century Sofa dimensions- 32.5 Long x 74 Wide x 32.5 Height

Armrest height from deat dimensions- 8.5 inches

Floor to bottom of sofa dimensions- 8.5 inches

Modway Mid Century Sofa weight capacity is 662 pounds.

Novograts Brittany sofa is a popular navy blue couch named best sofa under 500
Novogratz Brittany Sofa featured in navy blue

Novogratz Brittany Sofa

Novogratz Brittany sofa is one of several in the Novogratz couch line. This modern blue sofa is also available as a mustard yellow sofa and a burnt orange sofa that have both been top sellers for several years now. Courtney and Robert Novogratz are the designers behind the Novogratz furniture collection and have been combining art and design to make high quality, modern sofas for over 25 years. The Novogratz Brittany sofa dimensions in inches are 81.5 inches long, 34.5 inches in width, and 31.5 inches in height. This futon sleeper sofa folds completely out into a sleeper sofa with dimensions of 70.5 inches in length, 43.5 inches wide, and 16 inches high. The weight limit for the Novogratz Brittany sofa is a maximum of 600 pounds. Novogratz Brittany sofa prices vary by color but consistently rank amongst the best sofa under $500 options available on the market today.

Floyd has several sofas in their Floyd sofa line. Off white sofa and bright yellow couch are the two best selling couches
White Modern Sofa by Floyd

Floyd Sofa

Floyd furniture has been around for a while and is one of the best known modern furniture brands online. Floyd has several sofa options that are highly reviewed over the last few years. The Floyd sofa comes in several color options. In addition to the white couch from Floyd in the photo above, Floyd’s yellow couch is one of the most photographed yellow couches in magazine and is the one most people are familiar with. The Floyd 3 seater sofa has an option to add on a matching chaise lounge. This couch and chaise lounge set is one of the hottest selling sofas online. Made to last, Floyd offers a 10 year warranty on their sofas and sectional sofas that guarantees your new couch free of any manufacturer’s defects. Cleaning instructions for the Floyd sofa allow for spot cleaning only. Floyd’s 3 seater sofa and modular sectional sofas are made with rugged materials that will last over time. If you have furry friends, all Floyd sofas are designed to withstand pets and are labeled as pet friendly sofas.

  • Floyd sofa dimensions: 87Wx31Dx32H (87 inches wide, 31 inches long, and 32 inches high)
  • Floyd chaise lounge dimensions: 27WX30Dx22H (27 inches wide, 3o inches long, 22 inches high)
  • Floyd sofa weight capacity is 900 pounds. Every couch weight limit is different so make sure to check the exact sofa weight limit before making a final purchasing decision.
best leather sectional under 3000 dollars, black leather sectional with chase lounge. This black leather tufted sectional is a Poly and Bark sofa
Black leather sectional with black leather chaise lounge by Poly and Bark

Black Leather Sectional

Black leather couches are a timeless option for living room seating. Large black leather sectionals are great for theatre room seating as well as large living rooms and family rooms. Not all black leather sofas are made equally though and if you want a deep couch that’s comfy and elegant, you have to focus on your couch dimensions and room space. Poly and Bark has their sectional sofas in right facing sectional as well as left facing sectional sofa options. As one of the best leather sectionals under $3000, Poly and Bark leather sofa reviews speak for themselves with thousands of 5 star reviews from happy customers.

gray leather sofa with tufted leather

Modern Tufted Leather Sofa

Tufted leather sofas look expensive. Long gone are the days when a modern leather sofa cost an arm and a leg. In stock and ready too ship, this camel colored leather sofa is tufted and as luxurious as you’ve dreamed about when you walk past the leather couches at Restoration Hardware. Tufted leather sofas are extremely modern and trendy. Tufted leather couches aren’t going away any time soon. There are many uses for a tufted leather sofa long after it’s lifespan in your living room. Tufted leather sofas make great office couches as well as basements and spare bedrooms.

2 seater couch featured as a white leather sofa with block couch legs
White Leather Sofa from Modway

White Leather Sofa 

White leather couches are not always easy to find in stores. White couches are less popular than other couches. Camel colored leather couch options as well as black leather couches are usually in stock at most furniture stores. If a white leather sofa is your top choice, you will need to shop online to get the best leather couch for your money.

curved sectional sofa from Honbay named best sectional sofa under $1200
Sectional L Shaped Teal Couch

L Shaped Sectional Couch

The Honbay L shaped sectional is also available as a 7 seat sofa and as a U shaped sectional sofa. Exact dimensions for the L shaped sofa in the photo above is 55.9 inches in diameter, 112.21 inches in width, 33.86 inches in height. The seat height dimensions for this sectional sofa is 17.72 inches and sofa seat depth is 18.90 inches. This teal sectional sofa is highly reviewed. If you are wondering if a sectional sofa will fit through your door frame? Dont worry, this sectional sofa comes in 2 crates that are both able to fit through a regular door frame. Honbay also makes a lovely matching teal ottoman that makes a great add on this living room set.

Orange Couch

Finding an orange sofa in the furniture store is not very likely these days with shipping delays and shortages.

orange leather sofa from Poly and Bark Sorrento 85 inch leather sofa is one of the best leather sofas under 2000
Poly and Bark Sorrento 85 inch leather couch

Orange Leather Sofa

Burnt orange leather sofas are a popular modern couch option that pairs with many furniture options. Orange leather sofas range in price according to the leather. There’s a modern orange leather couch for all budgets in stock online from high quality Italian leather couches to faux leather sofas that don’t break the bank. The orange leather sofa in the photo above has the dimensions of 35.5 inches in diameter, 85 inches in width, and 34 inches in height. This Poly and Bark Sorrento burnt orange leather sofa weighs 106 pounds with a seat depth of 22.50 inches and a seat height of 18 inches. From the floor to the bottom of the couch measures 7 inches. The tanned leather of the orange leather sofa will age beautifully over time. The wooden couch legs are removable.

Best Sofa Under $200

best sofa under 300 dollars is a Novogratz sleeper sofa. Best couch under 300

Best Sofa Under $300

Novogratz Palm Sleep Sofa is one of the best sofas under $300 that we have ever seen. If a mustard yellow sofa is not your cup of tea, Novogratz sleeper sofa is available in a blue sleeper sofa option or a burnt orange sleeper sofa option. The Novogratz sofa line was created by modern designers Courtney and Robert Novogratz. The mustard yellow sleeper sofa is the only option under $300. The blue sofa and orange sofa are usually under $400 if you keep an eye out for couch sales a few times per year.

Best Sofa Under $400

If you need a budget sofa under $400, we have plenty of options for you. The best sofa under $400 is certainly not in furniture stores since couch markup in traditional furniture brick and mortar stores is 50-200%. The best sofa under $400

Best Sofa Under 500

Best Couch Under 1000

Best Sofa under $2000

Best couch under $2000 is the Burrow Nomad Sofa. Also the best sofa for pets, best sofa for cats, and the best sofa for apartments, this fully customizable sofa in a box starts at a $1500 price point. Dont worry about the couch not fitting through your door frame. Burrow couches are shipped direct to you in several boxes. Burrow is the best couch in a box brand on the market. Burrow modern sofas are super high quality and have thousands of 5 star couch reviews. Burrow sofa assembly takes around 20 minutes and is simple with detailed instructions. Available in an array of colors and a one month money back trial, Burrow has the best sofa for under $2000.

Best Sectional Under 500

Best Sectional Sofa Under $600

Best Sectional Sofa Under $1000

best sectional sofa under 3000 dollars
Best Sectional Sofa Under $300 is the Burrow velvet sectional sofa

Best Sectional Sofa Under $3000

Burrow sectionals are easily assembled and shipped directly to you in boxes. You don’t have to worry if your sectional will fit through your door frame. The easily carried boxes make setting up a sectional in the city very easy. With a starting price of $2500, the Burrow pink velvet sectional is one of the most popular pink sectional couches on the market. Sectionals under $300 at furniture stores are never this nice. Similar to something you would expect to see in West Elm or Crate and Barrel, the Burrow sectional is a fraction of the cost of other luxury furniture brands.

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