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Modern bed frames are a great way to transform your bedroom into a more modern style. Upgrading to a modern bed frame can totally change the look and energy to your bedroom. Bed frames have gotten extremely sleek and high tech over the last few years. Whether you have your eye on a circle bed, LED bed frame, or a modern wooden platform bed, we’ve checked out the best ones on the market. Check out our list of the most modern bed frames on the market.

Round bed frame with queen mattress. This circle bed is comes with a tufted upholstered headboard. This queen bed frame with storage looks luxurious in a bedroom setting.
Velvet Bed frame features a tufted velvet headboard and a round bed frame with storage.

Circle Bed 

Circle bed (sometimes called a round bed )is a popular modern bed frame. Round bed frames are usually low profile bed frames that don’t require a box spring. One of the most common questions we get is what kind of mattress and sheet fit a round bed frame? A round king bed uses the same sheets and mattress as any king platform bed frame. Circle bed frame mattresses are the same as your normal queen size mattress. The circle bed frame is the only part of the bed setup that’s actually round. Romantic circle beds are no longer a luxury of select hotels, you can have your very own round bed frame at home. Where’s the best place to buy a round bed? Online selection is definitely the way to go since circle beds aren’t common in furniture stores. Just FYI, king size round beds and queen size round bed frames are the most common. Pair this white round bed frame with a pink velvet chair.

King bed frame with led lights requires 10 inch king mattress. This led platform bed can be changed to 16 colors.

LED Bed Frame

A bed frame with led lights is our personal favorite queen size bed frame. The led headboard on this ultra modern platform bed changes colors. The led headboard is remote controlled and changes to 16 different neon colors and 6 different brightness settings. This faux leather bed frame is upholstered. The platform wave like pattern adds another nice modern flair. A 10 inch mattress is best for this particular led bed frame and you will not need a box spring. If you aren’t sure about your mattress size, check out every bed size from the most popular mattress brands. Expect a low bed frame if you go with most led Bed frames. If you want a bed frame that sits higher up, you can still get a bed frame with lights. Bed frames with led lights under the bed allow for a more traditional bed setup and still provide the ambiance of the colored lights in the bedroom. Available online for full size to California king size mattresses. If you want to add a pop of color stronger than the led headboard will provide, curtain string lights or led string lights are an inexpensive option. Most stores like Walmart and Target carry led string lights in stock.

best king size leather bed frame

Leather Bed Frame

King leather platform beds that are ultra modern are in stock online. Low profile modern platform beds don’t need a box spring. Low profile platform bed frames will work with an array of mattresses. Since the bed frame is low to the ground, latex mattresses or hybrid mattresses are recommended. If you do use a memory foam mattress, be aware that it could be hard to get up from. Luxury hotel mattresses like Charles Rogers St. Regis pillow top mattress or a king size Real Bed would be a high quality mattress option for a low profile king platform bed frame like you see above in the photo.

Pair your leather bed frame with a black leather chair or a meditation pillow. Complete your bedroom aesthetic with a set of glass lamps or a bubble lamp for a more modern flair.

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Floyd bed frame is one of the best king size bed frames under $1500 as well as one of the best queen size bed frames under $1000. The Floyd Detroit bed reviews have consistently ranked as the best king size modern bed frame

Floyd Bed

The Floyd platform bed is one of the top rated king bed frames for modern bedrooms. Floyd Furniture has been manufacturing high quality home furniture for many years and is one of the best sofa in a box brands as well as one of the best best frame brands in the US. Floyd sofas recently made our list of best sofas under $2000 and the Floyd platform bed easily ranks as one of the best queen size platform bed frames under $1000 as well as the best king bed frame under $1500. The Floyd platform bed come in two wood colors, the birch wood platform option is the lighter colored wood bed and the darker wood is the walnut bed frame option. Floyd platform bed reviews are consistently some of the highest rated bed frames on the market. If you are looking for an alternative to Crate and Barrel bed frames or bed frames from West Elm, the Floyd platform bed would be a great option.

Floyd queen bed is a walnut veneer platform bed frame

Floyd Bed Dimensions

Floyd king bed frame dimensions in inches is 89 inches wide, 86 inches in diameter, and 7.5 inches in height. There is a 6 inch clearance under the Floyd bed frame to the floor. The Floyd king size platform bed frame has a 600 pound weight limit. Floyd bed frames ship in 2 boxes weighing 25 pounds and 150 pounds. The Floyd platform bed frame in king size weighs 191 pounds fully assembled.

Floyd queen size bed frame dimensions in inches is 67 inches wide, 86 inches in diameter, and 7.5 inches in height. The Floyd queen size platform bed frame has a 600 pound weight limit. Floyd queen platform bed frames ship in 2 boxes weighing 23 pounds and 111 pounds. The Floyd platform bed frame in queen size weighs 149 pounds fully assembled.

Floyd twin bed frame dimensions in inches is 45 inches wide, 86 inches in diameter, and 7.5 inches in height. The Floyd twin platform bed frame has a 400 pound weight limit. Floyd twin bed frames ship in 2 boxes weighing 16 pounds and 86 pounds. The Floyd platform bed frame in twin size weighs around 104 pounds fully assembled.

brown tufted leather queen bed frame is one of the best faux leather bed frames under $500

Faux Leather Bed Frame

Faux leather bed frames are more common than real leather beds due to the cost. More affordable than real leather, faux leather headboards and footboards are well made and look like real leather. 

Metal Bed Frame

If you want a black bed frame that provides great support with a modern contemporary look, there are plenty of simple black bed frames on the market. 

Bed Frames For Kids

Modern kid’s beds are a great way to get your child sleeping in their own room. Transform a child’s bedroom with race car bed or a gaming bed and they will want to spend more time in their new cool  bedroom. Whether you want a traditional white twin bed or a twin loft bed, we have you covered on our list below.

Modern car bed for kids requires a twin mattress. Popular boys bed set is available in black and red. Pixar Car bed is also available.

Race Car Bed

Racecar bed frames have come a long way since we were kids. Race car beds are now available with LED lights and sound. The car bed options also include a Corvette and a black or red car option. 

racecar bed frame for kids is one of the best kids bed frames under $300 on the market
Pixar Bed Frame

Lightning McQueen Bed

If your child is a fan of the Pixar Cars movies, a Lightning McQueen Bed would be a great car bed choice. Lightning McQueen bed frame comes with working lights and requires a regular twin size mattress that you will need to buy separately. Made from sturdy plastic, the lighting McQueen bed has the assembled dimensions of (WxLxH)47.5” x 94″ x 22.5″. If you are looking for the Lighting McQueen toddler bed with guardrails, those are located here instead. Lightning McQueen twin sheets are also available as well as the toddler bed sheets. If you are looking for a Lighning McQueen comforter, you can find that in the Lightning McQueen bedding set. Add in a Pixar lamp and red throw blanket to complete your child’s bedroom theme. *Toddler bedding sets can be found here. The Lighting McQueen bed uses twin size sheets and a regular twin size mattress.

White twin bed frame with storage under the bed is one of the best twin size bed frames with storage un Der $200. This captains bed requires a twin mattress.

Captain’s Bed

A twin captain’s bed with storage is great for a kid’s bedroom. Captain’s beds make great storage areas for clothes or toys. This white twin bed frame has shelves on the headboard and drawers underneath. Bed frames with storage underneath allow the mattress to sit higher up. Captain’s bed frames usually come with 2 drawer storage, 3 drawer storage, 4 drawer storage, or 6 drawer storage under the bed. If you need more furniture for kid’s bedroom, add a matching bean bag chair, pink fuzzy blanket and white wooden dresser.

Princess bed with canopy bed curtains featured with a vanity with mirror and white bedside table. Princess bed frames are one of the most popular best bed frames for girls

Princess Bed

If your little princess is in the market for a princess bed, we have several options for you. Princess beds are super popular these days, however, there’s quite a few to silt through online. If you need a bunk bed, this princess bunk bed with tent is popular. The white wooden bunk bed frame comes with a removable ladder. The white bunk bed frame has hot pink accents and comes with a pink bunk bed tent. Pair your princess bed frame with a white dresser, white nightstand tables, and a pink lava lamp.

If you already have girl’s bed sets, add canopy bed curtains for a DIY princess bed. A bed tent will also work for a DIY princess bed frame. 

best bunk bed reviews on Amazon with this Bunk bed with slide boys bedroom. This blue castle bed is a bunk bed with a slide. The bunk bed stairs are able to be installed on right or left side.
Bunk Bed with Slide

Bunk Bed With Slide

Available as a princess bed or as a castle bed, this bunk bed with slide is a guaranteed big hit with kids. Every kid wants their own playhouse. This wooden bunk bed is made from pine. Recommended for kids 6 and older and comes with stairs that can be assembled on the right or left side. The exact dimensions of this bunk bed with slide is 87.5 high x 98 wide x 84 3/4 deep. A twin mattresses should be paired with this twin bed frame. 

best cheap white twin bed frame is single bed frame for a twin size mattress. best twin size bed frame under $100
White Twin Bed Frame

White Twin Bed

Twin bed is perfect for a child starter bed. Twin bed frames are very affordable and can provide a comfortable sleep for children and adults if paired with a quality twin mattress. A single bed gives you plenty of space in the bedroom and takes up limited space. White bed frames are popular for kids as well as black bed frames. If you need a twin size mattress to go with your new twin size bed frame, Nectar has the best twin mattress. Many twin mattresses are not comfortable for adults. An 8 inch twin mattress will hurt an adults back. Nectar has a 12 inch twin mattress that is worth every penny. We did a Nectar mattress review a while back that you can read more or you can order one direct by clicking here.

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