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Why Is Mattress Shopping So Tough?

Healthier Sleeping Mattresses

Mattress shopping is not easy. Sleep is so vital to our day to day lives and we often times neglect the portions of our sleep experience that we can control.  Sleep is the one thing you never feel like you get enough of on a daily basis. For those that don’t get much sleep, you still spend 2,000 hours a year in bed. Sleep is one of the most important parts of life. Ask anyone who has had sleep disruptions from stress, illness, travel and they will tell you what a good night’s rest meant to them.

Why You Should Do Your Research

Our beds are the most crucial pieces of furniture in the home. Too often we don’t spend time understanding our sleep habits and patterns. Rarely does anyone research a mattress the way they would if a new car was being purchased. Mattresses and beds in general have been an in person, 3 minute lay down on a showroom mattress, and you make an instant decision. Anyone who has mattress shopped, knows that the process in itself is a pain as well as the initial shock of cost.

Why are mattresses so expensive?

Currently,  mattress shopping in person is an expensive and stressful process . The lower end mattresses in full/queen never run cheaper than $550 in my experience. They don’t really inform you that these mattresses wouldn’t be suitable for a frequent guest 3 nights a week. The low end, entry level mattresses won’t last very long nor will the comfort. The mid tier mattresses are around double the price of the lower end and those are not always much higher in quality. To get a higher end, extremely comfortable and durable mattress, the cost in a furniture store could run over $5k. The furniture stores have historically made a healthy profit from the massive markup that mattress cost to produce and deliver to the consumer. The process in store hasn’t changed much since dinosaurs roamed the earth.

How do I pick the right mattress?

How can consumers get the highest quality mattress that works the best to further their healthy lifestyle? This was the big solution that many online mattress companies pursued with providing the highest quality mattress delivered in a box for easy moving while eliminating the middle man and extending a full money back guarantee for at least 100 days with no restocking fee. The massive mattress industry is making the transformation to a more modern, agile consumer environment.

The 16 billion dollar mattress industry is prime for millennial disruption with many first time buyers flooding the market. The buyers are open to shopping for a mattress online but the new dilemma comes in choosing a mattress when you really don’t know what the difference is between the brands and are not sure what best fits your sleep patterns. Mattress shopping doesn’t have to be so frustrating. We have done our homework so you can spend time on other things that need your attention.

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