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The Best Looks From Madison Park Bedding In 2020

Madison Park bedding could be just the thing that we need to take our mind off of headline filled with political, health and economic stresses. Madison Park comforters, coverlets, pillows and duvets share a love of earthy and culinary hues with bold accent lines with subtle retro touches.

We have curated a list of the best of Madison Park Bedding in 2020. All make a statement and are both easy on the eye, the skin and the wallet. We love that, for a modest investment, you can restate what your bedroom means and, by extension what you are looking for out of life this year.

Madison Park Comforters and Comforter Sets

Madison Park Palmer 7 Piece Comforter Set

nicest Madison Park 7 piece comforter set nicest Madison Park comforter set

We all could use a respite from the worries and cares of the outside world. This is our choice for the nicest Madison Park Bedding, 7 piece comforter set of 2020. The Palmer 7 has a subdued, calming yet luxurious microfiber set helps turn a bedroom into a private escape. Madison Park bedding loves to blend in the natural world.

This Madison Park comforter is an excellent example of their approach to bedding. They have used a pieced microsuede which adds a very soft yet textured cover. The main colors are a calming taupe with natural earth tones throughout. The decorative pillows add extend the feeling with a leaf print that makes one think of a calm walk in the forest.  This Madison Park bedding set comes with one Madison Park comforter (90×90″), three pillows, one bedskirt (60”x 80”) and two shams (20” x 26″). In spite of the designer look all Madison Park bedding is easy to care for. Just machine wash cold this set separately and then tumble dry low.

Madison Park Serene Comforter Set

The Madison Park Serene Comforter Set Madison Park Comforter Set

The Madison Park Serene Comforter Set shares the same soothing earth forest notes of the Palmer 7 Piece. Where it differs from other Madison Park bedding set is in the light greens and somewhat vintage chic look of the stripes.

Where the Palmer 7 piece focuses on horizontal lines, we Like the Madison Park Serene Comforter Set because the vertical lines give it a sense of reaching upwards and that has a inspired, vibrant feel that works for 2020.

The sheen from the polyester dupioni Madison Park bedding uses reflects just enough life from the comforter and shams to give it a sense of sunlight piercing a forest canopy. We love the use of embroidery and the way the bold lines and floral curves complete the look.

Palisades 7 Piece Madison Park Comforter Set

Madison Park Bedding Palisades Comforter Set 7 pieces

The Palisades Madison Park Comforter set shares the same bold, natural beauty as the cliffs.

Perhaps this is the most perfectly named Madison Park comforter set. The Palisades reminds me of the cliffs which seem to stretch defiantly from the chilly blue swirling waters of the Hudson River.

Bold, broad lines with Nautical colors throughout, event the stitching reminds one of sails harnessing the wind to push forward into the horizon.

This Madison Park comforter set is also available in brown, coral and purple. These Madison Park bedding sets have a totally different feel to them and each will change the personality of your whole room.

The Palisades Madison Park comforter set is easy to care for as well. Machine washable, the set is 100% Polyester cover and fill and the Queen includes a 90” x 90” comforter, 20” x 26” standard shams, a handsome 18” square pillow and a 60” x 80” bed skirt with a generous 15-inch drop length. You see this with other Madison Park bedding.

Averly 7 Piece Madison Park Comforter Set

Madison Park comforter set 7 piece Averly Madison Park Bedding

Regal, perhaps Victorian, the Averly is noble and proud yet ornate without overstating. Click on the image to see the detail close up and you will notice sweeping and reaching branches and leaves like a stroll in a regal 19th century garden.

A very different choice of Madison Park comforter set, than the others, the Averly has a heric and classic style that would mix well with bolder, colonial inspired looks from India or the Far East.

The Averly 7 piece is 100% Polyester (cover and fill) and comes with a Madison Park comforter, two shams, a bed skirt, and three decorative pillows. The king comforter set shown has a generous drop, which Madison Park bedding is known for.

104” by 92” comforter, 20” by 36” King shams, 78” by 80” bed skirt (with a 15-inch drop length) plus a very attractive 18” square pillow. Madison Park bedding decorative pillows are nice but always spot clean them.

Arctic Fur Down Alternative Comforter

Madison Park Bedding Madison Park Comforter Set Down Alternative

You may dream of warmer nights, but when the days shorten and the cold dampness presses against your windows you will want be happy to have the Arctic Fur Down Alternative Comforter set.

From a few feet away it appears as light and airy as a spring morning looking down the beach, but from underneath this Madison Park comforter set aims to envelop and comfort you.

We love the uniquely expansive checkerboard pattern which manages to be modern yet accommodating. This Madison Park bedding mini set comes with just coordinating shams that have a 2″ flange and a 3″ overlap at back. As with all the other Madison Park bedding, we reviewed, this comforter set is easy to care for. Simply machine wash in cold water on the gentle cycle and separate from other items. Never bleach or use bleach alternatives and tumble dry on low. Make sure to remove promptly from the dryer as you must not iron this set or any other Madison Park bedding.

Madison Park Duvet Covers

Madison Park Duvet Viola 3

Madison Park duvet cover sets

Perhaps only after their comforter sets, Madison Park Bedding most distinguishes itself in its Duvet cover sets.

The Viola 3 Piece Tufted Cotton Chenille Damask Duvet Cover Set The Madison Park Viola Duvet Cover Set includes 3-Piece 100% Cotton Chenille delivers some classic elegance.

The damask chenille design is complemented with warming shams that, we agree, brings a shabby chic yet traditional style to the Madison Park bedding line. The Duvet and sham are 100% cotton chenille with tufted technique. The King / California King set has a 104″ x 92″ cover, two King Shams measuring 20” x 36 ” and is machine washable.

LaVine Madison Park Duvet Cover

Madison Mark Bedding Duvet Cover Set 6 piece Lavine

The Lavine stand out from the rest of the Madison Park Bedding Duvet covers because of its bold, almost masculine colors. With a generous sheen, this set dominates a room, lighting up dark areas and drawing the eye.

Whereas most of the Madison Park bedding list focuses on the natural, the Lavine reminds one of gating and lattice work, perhaps from a stately British or French home.

The Lavine has a polyester jacquard Duvet cover and comes with embroidered decorative pillows with a silky and rich, textured look.

The King Duvet cover is an ample 104” x 92″ and the two King shams are each 20” x 36″. The three coordinated decorative pillows are 18” x 18″,  16”x 16″ and 12” x 18.” The set is machine washable but only spot clean any Madison Park bedding decorative pillows.

Madison Park Coverlet Sets

Laetitia Madison Park Coverlet Set

madison Park bedding Madison park coverlet set

The Laetitia coverlet is 100% cotton and that natural feel extends to its look as well.

The softly embroidered tuft flowers form a gentle medallion with fringe tassels seeming to point down to the earth. This Madison Park coverlet can be reversed and the tufted surface is welcoming and light-weight to the touch.

The Full / Queen Coverlet measures 90″ X 90″ and the set comes with two 20″ X 26″shams. Most Madison Park bedding lines share similar dimensions.

To care for the Laetitia simply machine wash in cold water on your machine’s gentle cycle. Then tumble dry on low heat which will fluff it allow it to dry in the open. Never bleach any Madison Park Bedding cotton items, coverlets, quilts, or comforters.

Madison Park Tuscany 3 Piece Coverlet Set

Madison Park coverlet set Tuscany

We love so many of the Madison Park coverlet set selection for 2020 that it is hard to choose just a few. Their approach to coverlets emphasizes natural textures and soothing touch.

The Tuscany is our top choice of Madison Park coverlet sets in 2020. It is simple, elegant and understated while being luxurious to the touch and easy to live with.

It is shown here in white but the blush, cream and seafoam looks offer other great coverlet options to bring natural, modern hues into your bedroom.

All Madison Part Coverlet sets include a 94″ x 96″ coverlet and two 20″ x 26″ standard shams. This is arguably the gentlest and softest looking of all the Madison Park bedding sets.

Madison Park Quebec Quilt Coverlets

Madison Park Bedding Quebec Coverlet Set in Blue

Shown above in Blue and Below in Seafoam, The Quebec Madison Park Coverlets Come in 11 Colors Choices

Seafoam Madison Park Coverlet Set from the Quebec Collection

The Quebec Madison Park coverlet set is a very different approach than the Tuscany coverlet set.

Shown in blue and then in seafoam, the Quebec Madison Park coverlet set is available in 11 different colors. Most are slightly understated with calming tones in its own way. However, if you click the image you can also see it in a few bolder colors.

If you want a more valiant coverlet set, perhaps to accent an earthy bedroom, try the Navy, Red and Dark Grey Quebec choices. These are unusually masculine among the 2020 Madison Park bedding collection.

But, all the Quebec coverlet sets share the same softly rising, interwoven quilted latticework stitching that makes this a very distinctive coverlet set.

The Quebec has a very different feel from the Tuscany, due to its quilted stitching as well as a very different approach to materials. The quilting is 100% polyester microfiber with a 100% brushed polyester reverse panel. This is common in Madison Park bedding.

The filling is 90% cotton and 10% other fibers with a 240gsm weight filling. Due to the detailed stitching it should retain its plush look. The bedspread is filled with 100% cotton fill and the face and reverse panels are soft brushed fabric.

The Quebec is also easy to care and they have carefully balanced making the largest sized coverlets provide coverage for your bed yet fitting a household washer and dryer. Madison Park bedding isn’t expensive so help it last by careful care.

Madison Park Blankets

Madison Park Bedding Blanket

Although not known for their blankets, the Madison Park Bedding microlight to Berber is a lush, enveloping piece of bedding that comes in natural tones that compliment the rest of the line.

These blankets are a great deal. They are just about $40, including free shipping, and come in classic grey, blue and khaki that look like they have been your favorite blanket, becoming more inviting as the colors have washed.

Although we still prefer the UGG blanket, the Madison Park blanket is an excellent alternative that has a great, comforting feel and is an easy addition to your bedding.

Reviews and Recommendations

We hope these you liked our curated list of the best from Madison Park Bedding. It is an excellent brand with great quality and a distinctive aesthetic that really stands out in 2020. The quality varies a bit with some of the stitching on the cheaper Duvet sets not exactly what we would like to see. The blankets are inexpensive and feel that way. Consider pairing Madison Park bedding sets with Boll and Branch sheets or SHEEX.

Other Great Bedding & Sheets

If you are looking for other great bedding reviews, consider our. You may find Black Forest Decor interesting, if you like a rustic look. For the student in your life look at our curated list of the top looks from Dormify. Madison Park bedding will mix well with many other styles and brands of decor. We tried to include a few examples of Madison Park bedding that mixes but the subdued tones common across the 2020 collection makes it easy to mix and match.

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