Floor pillows, floor cushions, yoga pillows and meditation pillows for 2020

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Get off the Couch and Reconnect

2020 Is not promising to be a chill year. From pandemics and politics to social media there out there raising the tension. With a few blankets, floor pillows and floor cushions, you can reconnect with those who matter most.

If it feels like you are not really connecting at the table or on the couch (or in bed!) then shake things up. Getting off the couch and onto the floor can increase your sense of togetherness and intimacy.

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Kids

Nothing matters more than how we connect` with those in our lives.

floor cushion for sitting with baby

These floor pillows create a comfortable space to spend time together. The blue moroccan floor cushion is especially cute.

Floor pillows and sitting pillows for nursing baby
Mom and baby connecting on the floor shown with large sitting pillow and throw pillows

Just sit on a large comfy oversized floor cushion and talk. Spend time, look into each others eyes and blockk out the outside world for just a few minutes.

meditation pillows can be a good way to sit and relax

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Yourself

Doing your best means being your best. Take 10 minutes a day to reconnect with your self and your own thoughts.

You are not going to solve every problem and complete every chore. But you can take 10 minutes a day to reconnect with YOU.

yoga pillow for daily contemplations and meditation
Meditation pillows floor pillows for meditating
A few minutes a day to be alone with your thoughts and reconnect with yourself can center and relax
sitting pillow for reconnecting with family

Center yourself with a few Yoga and meditation pads and pillows as part of a daily routine

yoga pillow meditation pillw

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting with Romance

You don’t need fancy restaurants to reconnect and spice up date night. A few floor pillows, a cuddly throw rug and some wine will set the mood.

large floor pillow for cuddling and romance
Date night at home floor pillows blankets and mood lighting
Every happy family starts with happy parents. Reconnect on date night with a romantic night home

If you really want to spice up date night then consider a piece like this which is really meant for when things get hot. Click to see what I mean (SFW).

floor cushion for romance and cuddling

Floor Pillows for Reconnecting With Their Childhood

They may not want to look up from their screens but kids need to be kids. Created a comfy, fun place to use their imagination and disconnect.

kids beed time to ust be kids and lounge and play with these large floor pillows and cushions and throws

Their lives are hectic so give them some time to disconnect and recharge their minds. Try some sitting pillows for homework.

Floor pillow play area for small children
Adventure, creativity and no screens for this little girl

A few floor pillows, large comfy bean bag chairs and fun colors can set the mood. Read together or have them tell you about their dreams. Create a story together that you can share over dinner.

They won’t remember their Instagram feed in 10 years but they will remember the fun, chill or even romance you put back in your family’s life.

kids on oversized floor cushion reading

A comfy floor cushion can be perfect for a play room or bedroom.

fun play cushion with dinosaur head purple for kids

Floor Pillows for Movie Night

Whether it is family movie night or Netflix and chill with your significant other, a movie is better when cuddled together on the floor.

couple enjoying movie night on a large throw cushion with illows

A leisure bed can be good for a lot of activities from lovies to gaming and comes in a lot of stylish colors and finishes

leisure bed large sofa leather black
FLoor cushion seat floor pillow for lounging on movie night
This couple went all out for movie night with large floor pillows square floor pillows and a few throws (and popcorn)

A few oversized floor pillows and an Ugg blanket, add some popcorn and a good (or ridiculously bad) movie can make for a perfect evening.

Save money and stay in and spend time with those that matter to you most. Your living room is where you live, not where you store your furniture. So get off the couch and get on the floor. It will feel more like you are spending time together.

Floor Pillows for Watching TV

This 5.5 foot beanbag floor pillow and lounger is great for all kids on of activities. Get a few for the next sleepover.

Huge Bean Bag Floor Pillow and Lounger
kids watching tv with floor pillows cushion seating square floor pillows
Your family is going to watch TV, why not disconnect them from their phones and cuddle and watch together
beanbag chair in dark blue for watching tv or lounging

Moon pod chairs and sitting pillows can be a comfy way to binge some family favorites.

Setting the tone by setting the mood

Too often our things feel like they separate us instead of bringing us together. Shake things up by increasing the intimacy and closeness of things. A few throws rugs, sitting pillows, blankets, floor cushion and floor pillows and some soft UGG blankets can be just the thing to get people to reconnect with each other and remember what really matters. If you do that, maybe you will all get out of 2020 just fine. If you don’t want to lay on the floor, another great option is an Intex air mattress. Whatever you decide, just make it cozy and fun.

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