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I have tried tons of sleep aids over the last 10 years and have always struggled with shutting my mind off and going to sleep at night. Life has never been busier and winding down at the end of the day is never easy. I have a million things on my mind and think about everything but resting most nights.

Most sleep aids that I had tried made me so tired the next day that I would rather be tired than drained of my energy and tired. I recently decided to try CBD oil as a sleep aid since I had heard a ton about it from friends who were using it for insomnia. I have very happy with my results so far. Read more about my experience with using CBD to treat insomnia.

CBD has recently become popular after the 2018 Farm Bill passed. Cannabidiol (CBD) is found naturally in the resinous flower of cannabis. Cannabis has a long history of being a medical plant. The therapeutic benefits of CBD are non-addictive and do not produce an intoxicated of high feeling to the user. CBD provides relief for pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, inflammation and has a wide range of benefits for an array of conditions and diseases.

After doing my research on dosage amounts, I take a 50mg dose of 1000mg CBD oil every night. Within 10-15 minutes of laying in bed, the CBD starts to kick in and I get extremely relaxed and comfortable. It winds me down enough before I actually fall asleep so my mind is not racking on everything I didn’t get done the night before . I haven’t had any weird dreams or felt sluggish and tired the next day. I wake up well rested now. My body had forgotten what it felt like to sleep well at night. Refreshing, deep sleep makes you feel amazing.

CBD comes in a ton of different forms and dosages. Sorting through all the conflicting info online is not easy. Below are a few CBD items that I have tried that I absolutely love.

CBDfx CBD Coupon
InfiniteCBD Oil
InfiniteCBD Oil Tincture
  • CBD Oil- Ever since I tried Infinite CBD Oil, I have been using it every night for amazing sleep. I prefer the 1000mg drops and usually take 50ml. This is just enough to help me rest and energized the next morning.
QuantaCBD Muscle Rub
QuantaCBD Muscle Rub
Frontier Jackson CBD Gummies
Frontier Jackson CBD Gummies

  • Muscle Rub- For aches and pains that nag you every day, Quanta Muscle Rub will give you relief. Quanta Muscle Rub is 100% THC free so you can feel totally comfortable with using it freely. I rarely take anything over the counter for pain. Using the muscle rub every night makes a huge difference and with consistent use, you will see a big difference.
  • CBD Gummies- Frontier Jackson’s Gummies are amazing! Edibles take longer to digest and will allow you to enjoy relief from anxiety, depression, pain, epilepsy, and many heart conditions.

CBD for insomnia has transformed my life with my all new restful sleep schedule. I have not slept well in years so this has been an amazing experience. If you also struggle with insomnia or just generally do not sleep well, CBD is an all-natural way to achieve a restful night of sleep. Taking over the counter sleep aids are not a great long-term solution. Give CBD a chance. I have been more than happy with my results so far.  

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