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Decorating is not everyone’s strong suit. We all know that one friend that has always had terrible taste. Sometimes it’s nice to have it done for you. Burrow Furniture has been the subject of many tests and reviews the last few years.  The Burrow couch and Burrow leather sofa have been two of our most popular articles.  They have expanded to offer several new collections recently that will make decorating so much easier. Just check out the themes below. We had some sent to us recently and they are extremely nice. The throws are thick and luxurious. The pillows are trendy, high quality, and make the living room look amazing.

Burrow Pillows with a modern flair, blue, gold and white with patterns and shapes and modern lines

For the modern farmhouse family:

This pillow is from Burrow’s Mid-Century Collection. It’s subtle, traditional hand-woven details make it the perfect addition to any farmhouse.

For the minimalist:

The minimalist in your life might will appreciate the simplicity of this design.

For the thrift store queen:

This geometric printed pillow will fit in perfectly into any eclectic home.

Burrow Pillows accent pillows with geometric shapes, faux leather and fur in a holiday setting

For the animal lover:

A warm, faux leather pillow will bring materiality to any style, without hurting any animals.

For the college freshman:

A pillow from Burrow’s Rustic Collection is sure to warm up the harsh lighting of any dorm room.

For the graphic designer:

All of your design-focused friends will appreciate the geometric design of this pillow.

For the urban dweller:

Your industrial friends will be inspired by the sleek design of this soft, jersey knit pillow.

Burrow Pillows

For the free spirit:

The contrasting elements of The Bohemian Set are sure to play nicely with non-traditional home decor.

Burrow Furniture Emerging As A Design House

Burrow Furniture was founded as a couch in a box startup by two Ivy League students. Best known as an innovative in the the couch in a box space, they are successfully, and artfully expanding into a home furnishing company. We have been testing the Burrow couch for two years. And in the time, the released the Nomad leather sofa and several new lines of home decor and accessories. We have been really impressed with this brand, their products, service, quality and value and these latest pillow designs show that they remain a top brand to watch.

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