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Our Boll and Branch sheets reviews set out to answer some critical questions about their products, rate them and find the best deals. It is important to compare them to similar quality sheets.

The number one question about Boll and Branch sheets is whether they are worth the cost. After spending some real time on it I think we can say, yes. They are a great value based just on the quality. And the premium is justified based just on the ethics behind them . If you happen to care about both then all the better.

Based on quality, Boll and Branch sheets are worth the cost

We are sold on organic cotton, there is science not just politics behind it. Boll and Branch sheets use only GOTS-certified, organic cotton. So, there are no toxic materials or harsh dyes. The single ply, long staple organic cotton is softer and more durable. Organic and sustainable approaches can lead to longer thread cottons. This makes them softer and they get softer and more comfortable with time. Boll and Branch sheets are also made with an eight-step finishing process to maximize the softness.

Based on Fair Trade practices, Boll and Branch sheets are worth the cost

In just over 6 years of business, Boll & Branch has established itself as a leading purchaser of organic, Fair Trade Certified Cotton. Their core values require 100% ethically made, sustainably sourced materials. They treat the people behind their sheets, their fabric and their cotton the way they think you want them treated. Boll and Branch manufactures in India, Portugal, and the U.S.

They have strict sets of guidelines and procedures to ensure that everyone is paid fairly, treated respectfully and is working because they want to. If this sounds minor, it isn’t. Whatever your politics, the fast fashion and bedding industry has a real issue with their supply chain.

Boll and Branch Sheets Reviews

Heirloom Quality Indian Cotton

The Brooks and Branch sheets are 100% organic, Indian cotton. They are GOTS certified organic, extremely soft and will wear well.

Pictured are a queen set in striped Ivory but other colors are available.

Every sheets set includes 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a reusable laundry bag

Boll and Branch Smooth Pewter

This Boll and Branch sheet is very smooth, crisp and cooling surface. The Pewter is a great contrast to some of the white and beige pallets in most sheets. It looks amazing freshly laundered on a newly made bed. But, it is also available in White and Natural.

These are available in Full, Queen, King and California King.

Boll and Branch Sheets care

Machine wash colors in cold water and the white, natural and ivory in warm water. Tumble dry on medium. Shake out the sheets when finished washing and tumble dry on medium. Never use fabric softeners or bleach/bleach alternatives.

Boll and Branch Classic Crisp White

This classic, cool and crisp white take on the smooth sheets is the epitome of luxury.

It is ok to bleach these to keep them fresh and repeated laundering will soften them more over time. As with any organic material, simple, consistent care will protect your investment.

Natural Colored and Heirloom Quality

These Natural sheets are excellent. Not too lightly colored or dark. They will go with a lot of different decor and you can use them year round. Read what customers are saying about them on Amazon.

They have the same quality and softness as the other, less expensive sheets like Ralph Lauren, for example.

Organic Signature Fitted Sheet

Organic Signature Fitted Sheet. Queen. Ivory. Guaranteed to fit even the deepest mattre… [More]

Price: $118.00

Organic Signature Fitted Sheet

Organic Signature Fitted Sheet. King. Pewter. Guaranteed to fit even the deepest mattre… [More]

Price: $128.00

Use a warm iron to give your sheets a crisp look. Natural fibers will hold up well to the heating.

Boll & Branch

The Boll & Branch King Flat Sheets measures 114″ x 114.” The fitted sheets are 17″ deep.

Boll and Branch sheets Amazon

Boll and Branch sheets cost more on their own website. Go figure. Amazon Boll and Branch sheets are a good value and sold by a reputable reseller. We have no connection with them. But we did some research and found that Boll and Branch sheets Amazon prices are the best. You also get Prime shipping and returns and you still get the 30-day manufacturer guarantee.

For more suggestions compare these to the Utopia Bedding sheets review and the SHEEX sheets. We also recommend the UGG Blanket.

Notes About Care and Laundry

Organic, soft materials like these sheets do require careful care to maintain them. Follow the instructions listed above. First, try to avoid heavy soiling situations. Use them normally but if you have a situation where they could get unusually stained then avoid that. No grape juice in bed. This is true of any soft cotton sheets.

The colored sheets should be washed cold. The lighter colors can be warm washed. Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach or bleach alternatives and fabric softeners. Tumble dry and don’t over dry them. If you follow these you should get years of enjoyment out of them.

Other Sheet Choices

We think you will like Boll and Branch sheets and strongly recommend them. Great as they are, they may not work for everyone. SHEEX sheets have quickly, and surprisingly really impressed our team. If you are looking for additional great options then take a look at My Pillow Sheets, their Giza cotton sheets compare favorably Boll and Branch sheets. All of these pair well with other great bedding and decor like HiEnd Accents and Utopia Bedding, a more economical choice than Boll and Branch for basic bedsheets.


Do Boll and Branch sheets wrinkle

No sheets are perfectly wrinkle free. But, our reviews were very impressed. A high quality, organic sheet like Boll and Branch is going to retain a smooth surface much better than cheaper sheets.

How much are Boll and Branch sheets

We checked prices and they vary in price from $220 to over $300. So watch the link you use. The Luxury Fair Trade Long Staple Organic Cotton Striped Sheet Set with 2 pillowcases, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and a reusable laundry bag can be had for $220 to $270 if you use the right links.

Are Boll and Branch sheets worth the money?

Yes, you can justify the premium based either on the quality of the GOTS-certified, organic, single ply, long staple organic cotton and finishing process OR based on the commitment to Fair Trade, ethics and organic materials.

What is the Boll and Branch sheets thread count?

You can’t judge the softness of sheets made of different material by thread count. Boll and Branch sheets are 300 thread count but easily feel like what you expect from 600 to 800 thread count non-organic sheets.

Where do I find a Boll and Branch sheets coupon?

We include links to free shipping, returns and the best prices available online or offline.

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