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Dohm Sound Machine

Sound machines or white noise machines are an excellent addition to your sleep environment for many reasons. White noise is soothing and will help you fall asleep. The same way the sound of a fan helps some people sleep, white noise will help the sleeper relax and be calmer in addition to drowning out the noise of neighbors, the city, etc. If you live in the city, the streets are super loud all the time. My white noise machine runs all the time and makes a dramatic difference. Otherwise, I would literally by listening to honking cars and sidewalk traffic if I didn’t run my sound machine all day. Several of our favorite Sound Machines are below.

Dohm Classic Sound Machine
Dohm Classic Sound Machine

Dohm Classic Natural Sound Machine

Dohm invented the original sound machine in 1962. The Sleepmate has been beloved for generations. The Dohm Classic masks background noise and provides fan based white noise at 2 speeds for adjustable tone and volume. This is my favorite sound machine that I have tried so far. The adjustable sound was key to finding an exact tone that was the most pleasing and the volume control gives me enough volume to tune out the neighbor’s drums. Learn more about the Dohm Classic here. Retail Price- $44.95

Dohm Natural Sleep Sound Machine
Dohm Natural Sound Machine

Dohm Natural Sleep Sound Machine

This Dohm sound machine is very similar to the classic in terms of functionality but comes in several color options to give your Dohm an updated appearance. You still get the adjustable tone and volume control of the Dohm Classic but get a machine that has a color accent to make it more visually pleasing in the room. Learn more about the Dohm Natural Sleep Sound Machines here. Retail price- $49.95

Dohm Whish Sound Machine
Dohm Whish Sound Machine

Dohm Whish Multi Sleep Sound Machine

Dohm’s Whish has 16 sound options to choose from including Marpac’s signature white noise. Whish also has a timer and robust volume control so you can set it up and let it do its thing. Ocean, rain, chimes, and other calming sounds are preset up on your machine so you have multiple options to mask out background noise unlike the Dohm Classic and Dohm Natural Sleep Machine that plays white noise only. Retail price-$39.99

Dohm Hushh Sound Machine
Dohm Hushh Sleep Machine

Dohm Hushh Compact Sleep Sound Machine For Baby

This portable rechargeable sleep machine made especially for babies comes with a child lock and LED nightlight. The Hushh comes with 3 sound options to create a calming environment that masks noises while the baby sleeps. I have a friend with a 2 year old that uses the Hushh every night and swears by it. Since the sleep machine is rechargeable, using on car rides and in public places also works great. Retail price-$29.95

After trying all 4 of these Dohm sound machines, my favorite was the Dohm Classic. I like the adjustable tone and volume the best on the classic. No matter which Dohm sound machine you get, I am confident that you will never want to sleep without it after you start using it consistently. My dog barks so much less now that I have a Dohm running all the time. For those living in dorms or apartments, slamming doors and arguing neighbors are a lot more bearable and less disruptive with a sound machine running in your room. A sound machine uses less electricity than a fan so if you like the sound of a fan, a sound machine would be a much better choice for the environment and your bank account. If your sleep is being disrupted by noise, sound machines would be an easy fix to your annoying problem. 

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