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Best Mattresses For Sex| 2022 Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

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What’s the best mattress for sex? As a result of this frequently asked question, we ranked the best mattresses for sex for those of you looking to get busier in 2020. What can I say, some days at work are better than others. In this case, I volunteered to research and rank the best mattresses for sex. Read more to see which mattress would be best for your sleep style!

What type of mattress is best for sex?

With many mattress in a box options online and in departments stores like Walmart, Target, Ikea, Macy’s, Costco, Sam’s Club, etc, its not easy to make a mattress decision. We get asked all the time what the best mattress for sex is. We’ve finally decided to make a list for those looking to get busier in the bedroom in 2020. The best mattresses for sex needed to have some common qualities. Check out our 2020 best mattresses for sex guide below to learn more.

  • Resilience
  • Durability
  • Bounce
Charles Rogers bed

Charles P. Rogers Mattress

Charles Rogers is the oldest continuous mattress maker in the United States. Made popular as a luxury hotel mattress, Charles P Rogers beds are found at the Waldorff Astoria in NYC and several other high end hotels. Rating very high amongst mattress critics, the Charles P Rogers Real Bed is a latex hybrid that ships direct to consumers. Previously to get a high end luxury mattress from Charles Rogers, you would have to visit their showrooms in NYC, NJ, or Philadelphia. Now everyone in the United States can get their very own luxury hotel mattress from the same mattress maker as the finest hotels in the world. The Real Bed was made without any corners being cut. The pillow top mattress has great bounce for sex and the mattress composition is buoyant so you won’t ever feel stuck in the mattress. Named the “best mattress for couples” in 2020, Real Bed is affordable and high quality.

Dreamcloud Mattress

DreamCloud Luxury Mattress

This pillow top luxury firm mattress’ name is very similar to the comfort the Dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress provides.. The Dreamcloud Mattress gives you a fluffy pillow top luxury firm mattress feel on top of individually wrapped coils that have excellent bounce. While a memory foam mattress will make you feel “stuck”, hybrids provide a traditional spring type bounce that works well in your favor during sex. The Dreamcloud Mattress comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365 day sleep trial. If you decide Dreamcloud is not for you, you can get a full refund within the first 365 days. This is not a deal you’ll find in the furniture store. In fact, the Dreamcloud Mattress reminds me of a few luxury Sterns and Foster mattresses that I always laid on at the furniture store but could never afford. This luxury firm mattress does not disappoint.

Brooklyn Signature Mattress

Brookyn Bedding’s mattress was so popular when I had it in the sleep lab that every guest who slept on it went and bought out by the time they left. This mattress is as comfortable as any mattress that I have ever slept on. My brother in law ordered 2 after sleeping one night on it. Said it was the best sleep he has had in 5 years. Brooklyn Beddings Signature mattress has just the right bounce to make the best mattresses for sex list in 2020. Brooklyn Bedding doesn’t call this hybrid mattress #BESTMATTRESSEVER, for nothing. Available in medium firmness (which is most common), soft, and firm levels of firmness. Side and back sleepers will find the medium firm Brooklyn Bedding mattress to be extremely comfortable and pain relieving for lower back and shoulders.

Allswell Luxury pillow top mattress

Allswell Supreme Mattress

The individually wrapped coils of this Allswell Supreme Mattress minimize motion transfer to ensure sound sleep. It also boasts of superior edge support through its Reinforced Quantum Edge. In order to manage body temperature, the comfort foam layer features copper infused gel and cooling graphite into the foam that absorbs heat and transfers it away from the body.

For sex, this mattress provides comfort and bounce through the individually wrapped coils. Although you may sink into the plush layers, the transition foam is relatively resilient providing a bounce-back. This feature won’t restrict you from moving around while having sex. Allswell ships super fast and is reasonably priced. Allswell can be found online and some Allswell mattress models like the hybrid mattress and memory foam mattress can be found Walmart locations near you.

Aslan Mattress

The Aslan Mattress is one of my all time favorite memory foam mattresses. The cooling memory foam mattress provides ultra temperature regulation. The responsive memory foam mattress has nice bounce and rebounds well for foam. Aslan is priced very affordable, ships fast, and has a 365 night trial. This mattress is made in the USA.

Best mattresses for sex

We hope that you enjoyed that list and are on the road to better sex. Consider also looking at our other buyer’s guide including our best mattress for side sleepers with back pain.

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