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Bedroom Lighting| Bedside Table Lamps and Floor Lamps For All Budgets

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Finding the optimal lamp setup to complete your bedroom is not as simple as it sounds. Lamps caught me off guard when furnishing my first real apartment after college. Often overpriced and limited in styles at furniture stores, bedside table lamps and bedside floor lamps are needed for proper lighting in most master bedrooms. Every nightstand should have a small table lamp and every room should have at least one floor lamp. Before running out Bob’s Discount Furniture or Ashley’s Furniture Store, consider your options online. Bedroom lamps for any budget and any style can be found online and shipped directly to you from the comfort of your couch. Check out some of our favorite bedroom lamp options from around the web.

purple lava lamp
Pink Lava Lamp

Types of Lamps

Bedside table lamps and bedroom floor lamps are a must have in your bedrooms. No one wants to get up and turn on the ceiling light with their cell phone light leading the way. Reading or working in bed requires a bedside table lamps. Since many apartments don’t have ceiling lights in the bedroom, bedroom floor lamps are a great way to supply ample light in an otherwise dark room. Not being able to see in the dark comes with a list of risks and injuries, solve your bedroom lighting issue with a combination of bedside table lamps and bedroom floor lamps. Below are several bedroom lamp options for a range of budgets.

black led table lamp with white lamp shade on a nightstand

Table Lamps with USB ports

LUX Lighting LED Table Lamps are my all-time favorite bedside lamps. LED lights for the bedroom is highly recommended. Touch lamps are easy for all people to use and are great for nightstands. The Brooklyn LED Desk Lamp by LUX Lighting has 3 levels of brightness. LUX offers the option of a table lamp with 2 USB ports or a table lamp with 2 AC plug in sockets. The LED light panel technology packed into these desk lamps makes for a great experience. These table lamps get unlimited compliments from my guests in addition to getting excellent reviews online. Retail Price $209

glitter rainbow lava lamp
Rainbow Glitter Lava Lamp popular for kids

Glitter Lava Lamp

Lava lamps are one of our top bedroom nightstand lamps. Kids love lava lamps as well as adults. The memories of of watching that red lava lamp liquid in my vintage lava lamp still bring me joy to this day. Cool lava lamps are best stocked online. Some stores will carry lava lamps. Target lava lamp inventory near me has been limited to blue or pink lava lamps so except limited lava colors in stores. The Jambo rainbow glitter lava lamp is a modern lava lamp option popular for kid’s lamps. Jambo’s line of tall lava lamps are extremely popular. Backed by a 1 year warranty, Jambo’s unique 17 inch lava lamps include a rainbow glitter lava lamp as well as a sparkle lava lamp. Jambo also carries stock of more traditional vintage lava lamp colors like pink, blue, purple. These are 17 inch lava lamps so they are sized like the original vintage lava lamps. Don’t forget to unplug your lava lamp. Can you leave a lava lamp on all night? Yes, you can leave your lava lamp plugged in at night but it’s better to unplug and let the lava lamps bulb cool down. Lava lamp bulbs have to be replaced in a much shorter time frame if you leave your lamp continuously running. If you are looking for kid’s bedroom ideas, we recommend pairing a pink lava lamp with a princess bed frame and pink moon pod chair makes a great child’s bedroom set

black lava lamp for bedside nightstand

Black Lava Lamp

Black lava lamps are also popular as a modern update to the original lava lamp colors. Lava lamps are made from wax that melts as it gets heated from the bulb below. Black lava is a rare color to find and one that is newer to popularity. Black lava lamps look great when paired with a modern bed frame. Pair a black lava lamp with an led table lamp or with a black floor lamp if you are trying match a black bedroom set. To add a touch of color, put led string lights under your bedroom to create a whole new energy.

gold table lamp with white lamp shade

Walmart Table Lamps

Walmart table lamps available online and possibly at a store near you will range in a variety of prices. If you don’t need lamps in a rush, ordering online would guarantee your largest selection. From stained glass lamps to small table lamps, Walmart is well stocked for bedroom lighting needs. If you are furnishing a kid’s room, Walmart also carries lava lamps. In fact, my red lava lamp from college is still in my guest room today. Walmart mattress in a box selection has really stepped up online and in stores over last few years. With this in mind, keep Walmart in mind if you need more than table lamps.

glass table lamp with white lamp shade

Target Table Lamps

Target table lamp selection has options for a wide variety of budgets. From ceramic table lamps that are more traditional to glass lamps with USB ports, Target has a trendy selection. Target lamps that clip on your bedside table or desk are also popular amongst college students. Whether you are looking for a purple lava lamp or a crystal lamp for your new house, Target has something for every budget.

ikea table lamps

Ikea Table Lamps

Ikea table lamps come in a range of prices. If you need a table lamp under $10, ikea is always a top recommendation. While getting a cheap bedside lamp at Walmart or Target is possible, ikea table lamps always have a bargain option. Ikea furniture is modern and trendy so you can expect the same from the bedside lamp options. These inexpensive Ikea lamps are all over my house and are great quality and design for the price.

Turkish lamp on a small white side table

Turkish Lamps

Moroccan table lamps, also known as Turkish lamps or mosaic lamps are one of my favorite bedside lamps. Stained glass lamps from Turkey and Morocco are available online at very reasonable prices. Handmade cut glass lamps with a brass base are well made and add a unique touch to any bedroom. Moroccan table lamps are more affordable than Tiffany stained glass lamps. Make sure to check out these mosiac lamps if you want a touch of color and don’t want to break the bank. Amazon carries a large selection of top rated mosaic lamps.

led floor lamps

LED Floor Lamps

Floor lamps make a great addition to bedrooms, living rooms, and offices. Many houses and apartments have inadequate ceiling lighting. To solve the lighting issue, floor lamps are the least expensive option. There’s a ton of floor lamps on the market. For a more modern floor lamp, an led floor lamp would be a great option. A single black metal floor lamp with white lamp shade will match any room for years to come. The modern sleek look of the Lux LED Lighting Brooklyn led floor lamp. This tall floor lamp has 3 brightness levels, a triangular weighted base, and comes with a 5 foot, 5 inch long cord. Perfect as a living room corner lamp or a bedroom floor lamp, led floor lamps are some of the most versatile floor lamps on the market. Pair your black floor lamp with a black leather sectional or pink velvet sofa for a modern living room aesthetic. Add a modern black leather chair with ottoman for a more formal look or the perfect sleep chair for a more cozy vibe.

Sunset lamp projector on wall
Sunset lamp

Sunset Lamp

As seen on Tik Tok, the sunset projection lamp projects a sunset on your bedroom wall or anywhere you decide to bring this small table lamp. The sunset lamp is a popular, modern bedroom lamp choice for teens and younger adults. In addition to being one of the best lights for photographs, the sunset lamp gives off a relaxing energy that only a real sunset can top.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalyan Salt Lamp

rain lamp beside a king size mattress on a upholstered king size bed frame
Tall Glass Bedroom Rain Lamp

Rain Lamp

wooden floor lamp

Walmart Floor Lamps

Walmart carries an array of bedroom floor lamps that would be a great option if you needed lamps in an emergency. Additional lamps are available at Walmart’s website that would work for everyone. One of my favorite floor lamps at Walmart is the Romanza Tripod Floor Lamp. This modern lamp retails for $64.99 and the quality reminds me of a West Elm lamp.

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