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Bed Scrunchie Review: Are these sheet suspenders going to keep your sheets from coming off the bed?

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The founder of Bed Scrunchie knows that no one likes when the sheets come off the bed at night. Waking up with sheets constantly popping off the bed gets old quickly. Luckily, Jack Nekhala did us all a favor and invented Bed Scrunchie. As an owner of, Jack started working on a solution after his luxury king size bed sheets refused to stay on the bed throughout the night. In 2015, Bed Scrunchie hit the market. Bed Scrunchie will extend short sheets, turn a flat sheet into a fitted sheet, and will keep your bed sheets from coming off the bed at night. If you are like so many of us and hate when the sheets won’t stay on, Bed Scrunchie may become your new best friend. Read on to learn more about Bed Scrunchie below. 

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How do you keep fitted sheets from coming off the bed?

There are many reasons why sheets come off the bed. Whether it’s a pet jumping on the bed or a person sleeping on them, when sheets are not deep enough for the mattress, they often times pop off the bed. Some sheets are too deep and fit the mattress too loose. Adding sheet holders will tighten up loose fitted sheets giving a much better fit that stays intact throughout the night. If you are using a flat sheet instead of a fitted sheet on your mattress, the Bed Scrunchie serves as bed suspenders that will convert flat sheets into tight fitting fitted sheets that don’t come off the bed until you remove them.

Will the Bed Scrunchie keep a mattress topper from sliding?

If your mattress topper won’t stay in place under your fitted sheets, sheet holders should solve your problem. The Bed Scrunchie’s sheet clips serve as tight fitting sheet suspenders that will hold your mattress topper more secure under the bed sheet. If you are figuring out the hard way that your favorite blue bed sheets are too short for your bamboo memory foam mattress topper, add sheet straps before you throw them in the Goodwill pile.

How do bed sheet straps work?

The Bed Scrunchie is a 360-degree bed sheet strap with sheet clips that will extend fitted sheets, convert a flat sheet into a fitted sheet, and will keep your bed sheets from coming off the bed at night. Bed Scrunchie’s sheet strap is made from parachute strength bungee cord with durable plastic bed sheet clips that remain tight until you remove them. Don’t worry, the sheet clips have been engineered to ensure they never stretch out or damage your bed sheets. 

Will sheet holders work with my mattress?

Bed Scrunchie is available for twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California King size sheets. Whether it’s your bed at home or your RV mattress, Bed Scrunchie is designed to fit any size or type of mattress. If you own an adjustable mattress, sheets often come off the bed when you change positions. Add Bed Scrunchie to your adjustable mattress sheets and you won’t have to worry about them coming off the bed until you take them off. In addition to adjustable mattress sheets, water bed sheets and feather bed sheets often need sheet straps installed to keep the sheet from coming off the bed. 

Final thoughts on Bed Scrunchie

Sheets popping off the bed is disruptive and frustrating. If you have to get up in the night and address your sheets, your sleep quality greatly diminishes. As someone who despises sheets that won’t stay on my bed, Bed Scrunchie is the only solution for bed sheets that won’t stay on the bed. The Bed Scrunchie is machine washable and is completely vegan. With a price of $39.99, Bed Scrunchie is cheaper than a set of new bed sheets and comes with a 100-night sleep trial. Go ahead and do yourself a favor if you are having issues with your sheets staying on your bed at night and let Bed Scrunchie solve this problem for you. 

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