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5 Best Bamboo Sheets for 2020

When searching for the best bamboo sheets you need to think about more things than when looking at sheets made of other materials. This is because bamboo bed sheets have a lot of added benefits that cotton, or other natural or synthetic materials don’t have. These include health and environmental benefits. Bamboo sheet sets come in a broad range of thread counts, fabric and stitching quality and durability so comparing them can be a challenge.

Why Bamboo?

It may surprise you to know that Bamboo is a grass. It can grow over 45 inches per day, so it is a highly renewable source of fabric. Bamboo has naturally occurring anti-microbial properties, to help it survive in areas with lots of pests. As an agricultural product, bamboo is good for the planet because it doesn’t need as much water as some other products and usually does not require pesticides and fertilizers.

What is Viscose Bamboo?

Bamboo Viscose has been called “bamboo rayon.” Viscose cloth is a type of rayon.  It is made from an organic liquid called viscose that is used to make rayon and cellophane. Viscose is made by dissolving the plant material in a caustic soda and letting it soak. Next it is shredded and aged. It undergoes other chemical processing before it can be turned into bamboo viscose.

Benefits of Bamboo

Compared to other materials, bamboo has a lot of great characteristics. Although slightly more expensive than regular cotton, bamboo cloth is antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and has natural UV protection. It also pulls (wicks) sweat and other moisture away from your skin. It is highly insulating, so it stays cool when you want it and warm when you need that.

Bamboo fabric is also very soft. This makes comparing thread count with cotton sheets difficult. Because bamboo will be as soft as much higher thread count cotton. Bamboo cloth is not as strong as some other natural fibers, so it is common to use it in bedding and clothing but not application that require high strength like rope. Also, bamboo typically doesn’t wear and tear as well as other fabrics.

Bamboo Sheets

Cariloha is widely recognized as a leader in bamboo fabric bedding. So it isn’t a surprise that they topped our list. All Cariloha bamboo sheets are 100% viscose from bamboo.

Resort Sheets

The Resort line of Cariloha bamboo sheets are the more luxurious bed sheets they sell. They are 400 thread count but feel softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton. We found them comparable to the very best that we have reviewed Boll and Branch sheets. Another highly rated brand, Eli&Elm offers a 300 thread count bamboo sheet that features a luxurious 100% viscose bamboo cloth that ranks at the top of our list for thread count under 400.

Classic Sheets

All Resort and Classic Cariloha Bamboo sheet sets are 4-piece sets. They come with one flat sheet, a fitted sheet with an extra deep 18″ pocket, and two standard sized pillow cases.

All Cariloha bamboo sheets come with a 100% quality guarantee and a 100 night sleep trial.
We chose Cariloha bamboo sheets because of the high quality of the bamboo fabric. They have excellent threading and great insulating and moisture wicking properties.

As with the other bamboo bed sheets, on this list, the Cariloha bamboo sheets are gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic and good for the planet. The fabric naturally repels odors and allergens.

Cariloha – Resort Line

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets

Classic Line

Cariloha Bamboo Sheets Classic

MALOUF Bamboo Sheets

Supima MALOUF Bamboo Sheets

MALOUF bamboo sheets come in three different quality and price levels. Shown here are the Supima and double brushed microfiber sheets.

The Supima are the luxury MALOUF sheets. They have a 600 hundred thread count and feel softer than nearly any 1000 thread count Egyptian cotton. They are on par with SHEEX, which is an immensely popular brand.

Another advantage is the very deep pockets on these MALOUF sheets. They are cut to fit mattresses up to 22″ and this is the most of their bamboo bed sheets.

MALOUF bamboo sheets

These double brushed microfiber MALOUF bamboo sheets are their least expensive option. I would call these comparable to value priced sheets from Ralph Lauren.

This set comes with 4 pieces. The King size flat sheet measures 108″ x 102″, the fitted sheet has a deep pocket for up to 18″ mattresses. The fitted sheet measures 78″ x 80″. The set also comes with two, 20″ x 40″ king pillowcases.

Cosy House bamboo sheets

Luxury Line

Cosy House bamboo sheets Luxury line

Premium Line Cosy House sheets

Premium Line Cosy House bamboo sheets

Standard Sheets

There are three main lines of Cosy House bamboo sheets. The Luxury sheets are shown here. They are a blend of 60% Bamboo and 40% Microfiber.

This allows them to still have many of the benefits of 100% bamboo Viscose sheets but some added durability and a lower price.

All their bamboo bed sheets are 100% guaranteed. Cosy House designs and manufactures their sheets very well. These have very thick corner straps, deep pockets and very durable elastic bands.

Another advantage of Cosy House bamboo bed sheets is the large number of colors they offer. The Luxury line comes in 13 different colors.

The Premium Cosy House bamboo sheets are the next step down in price and quality. They are also a blend. In this case the Premium bamboo bed sheets are 40% viscose bamboo and 60% micro-polyester. These feel like a good standard cotton but have the advantages of bamboo. They also have a great sheen and feel very silky The Premium line offers 16 colors.

The Standard line of Cosy House bamboo sheets comes 30 different solid colors and patterns.

Zen bamboo sheets

1500 Line Zen Bamboo Sheets

1500 Zen bamboo sheets

The two Zen bamboo sheets options shown here are not very different from one another. Both are a blend of 40% rayon derived from bamboo and 60% brushed microfiber.

Both sets feel softer and are more durable than regular cotton sheets and are priced about the same as each other and a good quality, cotton sheet.

1800 Line

1500 Zen Bamboo Sheets

It is hard for us to tell the difference between these 1800 series and the 1500 series.

With the other bamboo sheet companies on our list, there is usually a pretty big difference in cost, quality and thread count between their own lines.

All Zen sheets are are machine washable and come with a full-refunds, 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets

Cozy Earth bamboo sheets

I heard that in 2018 Oprah Winfrey called Cozy Earth bamboo sheets “The softest sheets ever!”

Far be it from us to dispute Oprah. These are extremely soft and they feel amazing. But, Oprah may not bat an eyelash at the cost but we found them expensive.

If cost isn’t a concern and quality alone is your criteria then definitely buy Cozy Earth sheets.

Cozy Earth sheets puts effort into making you feel good about putting their bamboo bed sheets near your skin. They meet the OEKO-TEX 100 Standard for product safety and the impact of their production processes on the environment. Cozy Earth sheets are also USDA Certified Organic.

Cozy Earth bamboo bed sheets come with a 100 sleep night trial and a 10 year manufacturers warranty. They offer free returns and full refunds. This is really good for a bedding manufacturer and probably explains, in part the premium price.

Where to Buy the Best Bamboo Sheets

Over the last few years, many online and brick-and-mortar retailers have added bamboo bed sheets. The rising popularity has given consumers a lot of choices but also made the process confusing.

Many of the companies on this list have websites where you can buy direct. Also, they all have Amazon storefronts where you can buy direct from them, but often also Prime shipping and returns. Increasingly companies are selling direct to consumer through Amazon and all the links on this page are through the company direct in their Amazon storefront. When you buy from these companies, but order through Amazon you still get the night trials, guarantees and warranties. But selection, pricing and shipping is all better when they have to do it through Amazon.

We recommend starting with the Amazon bamboo sheets stores. Amazon offers the best selection, pricing and shipping. Buying off a company’s website almost always means higher prices. This is because once you are on their site, you are not comparing them to their competitors. Also, you can get bedding coupons on Amazon (and on this site as well). When you look at the individual product pages just look on the page and if a coupon is available then Amazon will indicate it. They make it easy to apply coupon codes and discount codes for sheets.

The selection of Bed Bath and Beyond bamboo sheets depends a lot on the inventory of the individual stores. The same is true of the sheets Costco and Walmart stock. In general, you can expect less reliable inventor, selection, sizing and pricing with a retailer. While it is true that they have sales, particularly around the holidays, increasingly the benefit you get is small and disappearing.

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