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If You Suffer From Back Pain, Your Mattress May Be A Huge Factor

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At some point in your life, you will most likely suffer from back pain. 80% of Americans are suffering at any time with an aching back. Everyone is living a fast paced life and juggling a million tasks. Once you add in kids and work, no one has time for resting the proper amount anymore. If you are keeping up with your busy life, odds are you are or have experienced back pain.


Back pain is one of the most common complaints we hear from people. Most people have waited way too late to be proactive in helping themselves. Whether you are sitting too much or standing too much, you will continue to suffer if you don’t make some changes. One change that we are always recommending is a new mattress.


back pain mattress


Mattresses lose their support over time. We all have been ill informed about mattresses. They don’t last forever no matter what your great aunt says about her 40 year old, dead skin sponge she is sleeping on. While that’s not anything anyone wants to think about, it’s the reality. If you have had your mattress over 7 years, you definitely should get a new one. Mattresses last about 7 years on average before you can start to lose faith in how well your body is being supported. As the support breaks down, you will often times feel pressure in places like a shoulder, hip, or back. This problem is one that you must immediately fix or you will end up living in pain.


Most people believed that a firm mattress was the only solution for a bad back. This was the thought process for many years due to the firmness being the most supportive. This is no longer true in today’s time. The support of a firm mattress is a must. The comfort of a medium could work best with your sleep style. As long as the support is not compromised, you can be pain free and sleep very comfortable with many mattresses that are more on the plush side. Your personal comfort is the most important quality that any mattress can have.


Learning what works for you is no longer as hard as it used to be. The traditional mattress buying process was not conducive to finding what’s best for your sleep style. You can’t sleep in the mattress store or keep sending your mattress back because that would cost time and money. Instead of getting stuck with a mattress that’s not working for you, ordering one online is a much smoother process than you would have first thought.

back pain mattress

First, the mattress comes compressed and rolled in a box so its easily transported up the stairs. Second, you no longer need to worry about the mattress not working for you and sending back because so many companies are offering a sleep trial of 100 days or more. This allows you to make sure you love it and it works great for you or they give a full refund. Many companies allow you to donate the used mattress or they will come get it free of charge. You no longer need to stress about finding a mattress that works because you are guaranteed. Try finding that at any mattress store. You can easily live a more pain free life by changing your mattress with an affordable option. As a proactive approach, choose to change your mattress. The chiropractor or surgery is definitely not budget friendly nor money back guaranteed.


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