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Air Mattress| Best Air Mattress Options In All Sizes


Once you’ve slept a few nights on an air mattress, you will quickly learn that quality makes a huge difference in comfort. An adult will not sleep comfortably on a cheap twin air mattress. The thickness of an air mattress and the ability to hold air throughout the night are two huge factors when you make an air mattress purchase. Inflatable mattresses come in a ton of options that are great for some sleepers and won’t be comfortable at all on others. The weight of the sleepers also needs to be considered anytime you are using a blow-up mattress. If more than one person will be sleeping on this inflatable mattress, you should consider at least a queen size air mattress or king size air mattress. Single adults would also sleep much more comfortably on a queen size air mattress over a twin size blow-up mattress. We’ve tried all the popular air mattresses on the market. Check out our thoughts below on some of the most popular air mattresses before you make as final purchasing decision. 

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Walmart Air Mattress

Walmart has a large selection of air mattresses for sale online and in the store. Your local Walmart will usually carry lower end air mattresses so you are better off ordering online if you are not in a rush. We’ve also found few self-inflating mattresses in our local Walmart so if you are in the market for a comfortable air mattress for adults to sleep on, ordering online is your best best. Some of the popular brands of air mattresses at Walmart are Intex, Coleman, Beautyrest, Bestway, Instabed, Energex, Serta, Fox Outfitters and several others. From a ton of experience, don’t go with a thin 15 inch or under air mattress unless you are getting a twin size air mattress. Any inflatable mattress less than 12 inches is not going to sleep very comfortable for adults. 

Target Air Mattress

Your local Target is another great option for air mattresses. Most Super Target stores have quite a few options available in store and a much larger selection available online. Target carries a ton of popular brands online including Coleman, Instabed, Aerobed, Intex, Serta, Simmons Beautyrest. If you are in the market for a camping air mattress or air mattress for kids, you can always find inexpensive twin-size air mattresses at Target. If you buy in your local Target store, you should be prepared to get an air mattress pump since most of the inexpensive blow up mattresses will not come with a self-inflating air pump. Your air pump for your air mattress will make a big difference in the time it takes to set up the bed. Go ahead and get the battery-operated air mattress pump instead of the manual air mattress pump for air mattresses. This air pump investment will save you a ton of time and frustration for a small amount of extra cost.

coleman air mattress


Coleman has been a leader in outdoor gear for many years. From Coleman grills to Coleman coolers, we have used Coleman gear at some point in our life. Just like their high-quality tents and sleeping bags, Coleman has several inflatables in their product lineup. Coleman inflatable hot tubs and air mattresses have been a consumer favorite for many years. Coleman has a plethora of air mattress options available online and in many big retail stores like Sam’s Club, Target, Walmart, BJs, etc. Whether you want a queen pillowtop air mattress with a built-in air pump to host your in laws or a twin size air mattress with an antimicrobial cover, Coleman has an air mattress for every sleeper and every camping trip. In addition to having some of the most popular air mattresses on the market, Coleman’s air mattress pump, the Coleman Quickpump, is a top pick by sleep experts for best air mattress pump. Checking out Coleman before you make a final air mattress buying decision is definitely highly recommend.

intex air mattress


Intex has a full line of air mattresses from twin size mattresses that are self-inflatable to a queen size plush air mattress with a built-in headboard. Yes, a built-in headboard. Intex has every type of air mattress you could ever dream of from single twin size air beds to luxury queen air mattresses with built a build- in pump. Built in pumps are a nice addition to an air mattress because the air pump will keep the mattresses inflated throughout the night so you don’t wake up uncomfortable when your air mattress starts to lose air. Most air mattresses with built in pumps are 18-25 inches thick so they are a much nicer setup that you would want to host adults to sleep on rather than your 10-inch mattress you take camping once per year. 

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Serta has been making luxury mattresses for many years. When it comes to the Serta Air Mattress line, consumers can expect another high-quality experience. Serta built in air pumps in their Never Flat line of air mattresses. Serta’s Never Flat mattress allows for customizable firmness to ensure sleeper gets to experience their optimal level of comfort. Customizable firmness is a luxury feature with air mattresses and is usually found in much more expensive inflatable mattresses. Serta also offers an air mattress with a pillow top coil support system that add superior support to an inflatable bed. With a weight limit of 500 pounds, a Serta queen air mattress would serve the needs of adults if you need a temporary bed to sleep in.

Best Sheets For Air Mattresses

When it comes to bed sheets on an air mattress, bamboo sheets would be our top pick for the breathability. Putting a heavy sleep that retains heat will not make your sleep session very comfortable on an inflatable bed. A lightweight, ultra breathable bamboo sheet set would provide a cooling sheet under a blanket to ensure proper temperature regulation.

Are Air Mattresses Worth It?

Air mattresses are a great option for guest visitors and kids. Whether you need a twin air mattress for camping or a self inflatable king air mattress to host your friends from college, investing in a high quality inflatable bed is well worth your money. Cheap air mattresses will cause neck and back pain in addition to waking you up every hour when you start feeling uncomfortable. Check out these blow up mattresses before you waste your money on something you will only use once.