Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow ReviewZonkd Serene Foam Pillow Review

Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow Review was recently completed by the MattressJunkie.com team. Zonkd is a direct to consumer sleep product company that’s located in Raleigh, North Carolina. Zonkd’s co-founders are former employees of large sleep companies so they understand consumer’s pain points with buying mattresses over the years. Zonkd took that first-hand knowledge and created products to alleviate that frustration. Check out our thoughts on the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow below.

Tell Me More About Zonkd’s Serene Foam Pillow cover.

Zonkd uses a plush, micro-quilted cover for their Serene Foam Pillow. The zippered cover is machine washable and dryer safe. The cover doesn’t trap heat and is cool to the touch.

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 What’s Under The Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow Cover?

Zonkd’s Serene Foam makes up the core of the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow. Serene Foam is different from memory foam. Where memory foam often traps heat, Zonkd’s Serene Foam is engineered with microscopic air-capsules so heat doesn’t build up throughout the sleep session. Serene Foam contours to your head and neck and reduces pressure. Foam is also highly recommended by chiropractors for people with neck and back issues.

Does the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow sleep hot?

From the cooling cover to the Serene Foam, this pillow was engineered to stay cool throughout the night. The cover is also cool to the touch so that gives you a cooler sleep surface for your head.

What size options does Zonkd come in?

Zonkd offers a standard size pillow for $79 and a king size pillow for $89.

Final Thoughts on the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow Review

The Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow was our favorite pillow from the Zonkd lineup. Due to frequent neck pain, foam is the most comfortable sleep surface for me personally. The Serene Foam is extremely comfortable. If you like foam pillows, you will love the Zonkd Serene Foam Pillow.



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