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What company do you represent? What is your role?

My name is Bill Fish and I represent Tuck Mattress.  I am the founder of the company and oversee all aspects of the business.

How long have you been in the sleep industry?

I have been researching this project since roughly February 2015.  I actually started my career out of college in the wireless telecom business, and was part of the team that built out the first network in Chicago for what is now T-mobile.  Unfortunately, a project I was working on at another carrier was shuttered less than a week after the attacks of September 11, and I was out of work for a bit.  At this time, I connected with my college roommate and we put together the seeds of what turned into an online marketing company.  We built the business from the ground floor and were acquired by a private equity firm in 2006.  I stayed on to run the business through 2013, and moved on to another project before diving into sleep in 2015

How did you get into the mattress industry?

Part of my background was in e-commerce throughout the years, and as Amazon began its incredible reach across online shopping, I began looking for niches that would make sense from an ecommerce perspective.  Mattresses didn’t exactly pop into my brain until my wife and I spent a weekend shopping for a mattress and both of us found it to be a miserable experience.  It was literally the next day that I jumped head first into understanding the space.

How is your mattress different than others on the market?

If I have one regret about Tuck is that we didn’t bring our product to market sooner.  I’d have a hard time coming up with a number of how many mattresses we tested.  I think at one point my wife told me if I brought another mattress into this house, she was moving out!  With all of this research, I gradually came to the conclusion that it would be next to impossible to build a mattress that truly would be great for all people.  We all have different body compositions and sleep preferences, so why not help people get the mattress that best suits their needs.  Thus, we offer the first fully customizable true hybrid mattress on the market.  We also are the first mattress company to utilize REPREVE, which is a fabric consisting of recycled water bottles.  Each Tuck mattress cover consists of over 24 recycled water bottles.

Who is best suited to sleep on your mattress?

The beauty of the Tuck mattress is that it works for everyone.  Personally, I think it is best suited for couples, as we allow our customers to customize each side of their mattress at no additional charge.  Finding a mattress that both sleep partners can agree on is difficult, and are thought is that nobody should have to settle.  By simply completing our less than two minute SleepTest, your body composition and sleep preferences get plugged into our algorithm and we build a mattress that will give you proper spinal alignment to give you a great night of sleep each night.

How long would a consumer wait for mattress delivery?

Each of our mattresses are customized on demand.  The process usually takes no longer than five business days.  During this time, we cut the foams, set up our support system and glue the layers together.  It is vitally important to let the glue truly dry before compressing the mattress, placing it in its box and shipping out via UPS.  The average duration from order to arrival is seven business days.

What are the main issues that your mattress solves?

The main issue we address is finding a sleep surface that works best for the individual.  There are plenty of mattress companies that do well with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but we strive to do something different by understanding what combination of materials would be best for your body type and sleep preferences.  With couples being allowed to split the mattress with our dual comfort option, everyone can get something specifically made to fit their needs

What materials are used in your mattress?

Since each of our mattresses are customized, the exact specifications differ from mattress to mattress, but any mattress could contain the following.

  • Starting at the bottom, we use a 1” base foam to properly align our pocketed coil system. Should be noted that all of our foams are Certi-Pur-US certified
  • We then use our 6” pocketed coil system. Since the coils are only connected via fabric, and thus independent of each other, a sleepers movements are minimized and your partner can sleep soundly.  We also take advantage of a higher gauge coil on the outer two inch perimeter of the system to maximize the sleep surface and give great edge support.  Each of our support core systems are constructed with 98% recycled steel
  • A 0.75” transition foam is then used to go from the support layers to the comfort layers
  • Following that is a layer of continuous pour Dunlop latex. A pouring mechanism that both avoids inconsistencies in the latex and uses far less energy in production
  • We also employ a second coil system, this time a 1” micro coil system to give you the feeling of floating on your Tuck. This system is another set of individually pocketed coils and each queen mattress will contain 1,386 coils
  • No matter how your Tuck is configured, the layer closest to your body will be fitted with our copper infused gel memory foam. The copper particles pull the heat away from the body providing to keep your temperature regulated all night
  • Finally our cover was designed with an eclectic mix of geometric patterns and is a combination of rayon and polyester and includes a built in cooling agent. We also are the first mattress company to employ REPREVE, a yarn comprised of recycled water bottles.

How long should a consumer expect your mattress to last?

The Tuck mattress has an 11 year one month and one day warranty.  With the quality of the components used in the mattress, we expect it to last significantly longer than that.

What are the biggest mistakes consumers make when selecting a mattress?

I will be the first to say that mattress shopping is difficult.  You can by a $100 mattress at IKEA, or you could buy a $20,000 mattress if you so choose.  Finding those high quality components at a price point that makes sense for you is essential.  A mattress is an investment in your health, as you will be spending 1/3 of your life on it for over ten years.  All of that said, one of the biggest mistakes we have seen is that people may sour on a mattress after sleeping on it one night.  I don’t care if it is a Tuck mattress, a Sealy, Simmons, Casper or any other brand.  Your body has to become accustomed to this new sleep surface.  I like to equate it to going to the gym for the first time in months and then being terribly sore.  Your muscles have to get used to working out again.  Just like your body needs to become used to having the proper support that it may not have been experiencing with your previous mattress.  As the mattress breaks in and your body adjusts, then you will know if the mattress is suited perfectly for you.


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