Night Pillow

Night pillow is my newest pillow that I recently purchased. I was more than excited for it to arrive. The packaging was awesome. The carrying bag that held the pillow was white with #SleepWithMe hashtagged in black. Along with the pillow, the pillow bag had a sea salt dark chocolate inside that was delicious. The edgy marketing message from Night’s homepage description claims to get the consumer laid as well as provide an array of benefits that address pain points that most people would solve if they had the means.

The Night pillow is made of memory foam with a spandex silk black pillow case. The black, Trisilk pillow case serves multiple purposes. The black color negates sunlight stimulating melatonin to help you get a good night’s sleep while also helping hair follicles by not sucking the moisture out of your hair, your skin should also be clearer because the Night pillow shouldn’t dry out skin. Moisturizers should actually work now when you go to bed thus minimizing wrinkles. Now we admit, the Night pillow really promises a lot. How did the Night pillow stack up?

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  1. Cost- $150
  2. Odor- The Night Pillow did have an off gassing period for around 14 days. The odor was not overly strong.
  3. Color- Black only with a choice of accent trim.
  4. Size- Standard pillow size.
  5. Pillow Case- The Night pillowcase is made of proprietary Trisilk. Trisilk helps hold in moisture that normally gets stripped away with your normal cotton sheet set. The pillowcase comes in several patterns but all in the color black.
  6. Maintenance- Night pillow comes with a washing case so you only need to throw the pillow case in the pouch and wash with your normal wash.
  7. Heat retention- I didn’t notice any heat retention ever with the Night pillow.
  8. Guarantee- All Night pillows come with a 100 day, money back guaranteed, return policy if you are not satisfied in that time frame. The pillow itself comes with a 3 year warranty against any defects in materials so quality is definitely top priority.

After 2 weeks of use: You really have to continue using the pillow to get used to it. After a few days of me sleeping on it, I really started to notice a difference in how long I slept without waking up at night. I traveled with it on a long weekend because I was so attached to it. I never travel with pillows but the Night pillow had made a positive impression on me. The off gassing odor doesn’t last too long (around 10-14 days, and was less and less potent every day). Side sleeping was also very nice with the Night pillow. Holding the pillow seemed to relieve some pressure in my back which I was pleasantly surprised with. I would recommend the Night pillow to anyone looking for a sexy, high quality pillow that will help you with an array of health problems that you may not have even known you had.


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