Luft Hybrid Mattress Review was recently completed by the team. Luft sent over their plush multi-sleeper mattress for our team to check out for themselves. Luft is the oldest and largest privately owned mattress company in America. Headquartered in Watertown, WI, Luft has over 60 years of experience selling quality beds with locally sourced materials while utilizing the latest and greatest technology available. Luft has 18 mattress craftsmen that have over 600 years in combined experience. We’ve heard a ton of great things about Luft so we were super excited to check it out in further detail. Read more below for the full review.

What type of sleeper would be a good fit for the Luft Hybrid Mattress?

The Luft Hybrid Mattress has 3 different firmness levels to work with all sleep styles. The plush multi-sleeper that we choose to review is best for a side and back sleeper who like a softer, pressure relieving sleep surface. The plush mattress has 2 inches of temperature regulating graphene infused premium memory foam, several layers of cooling gel infused memory foam, 1 inch of Serene foam for proper spinal alignment and maximum pressure relief, and 968 individually wrapped Bolsa coils for lumbar support. 

The Luft Hybrid Mattress has a luxury firm and a firm option. The luxury firm would be best for back, side, and stomach sleepers who like a firmer, more contouring hug from their mattress. The firm option should be purchased by back and stomach sleepers who want an ultra-firm sleep surface or have issues with lumbar pain. 

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What type of cover is on the Luft Hybrid Mattress?

The days of the boring white mattress are over. I’ve always wondered why mattresses came with a white cover. Luft took their cover to a whole new level. The light blue color is so nice that you won’t want to put sheets on it. The cooling, contouring, breathable stretch fabric cover fits perfectly on the mattress while sleeping cool throughout the whole night. The Luft cover has been my favorite of any mattress that I have reviewed so far.

Does Luft come with a sleep trial?

Ordering a mattress online without seeing it can be stressful. Mattresses are a major purchase. Luft wants you to be happy with your new bed. All new mattresses come with a 100 night sleep trial. Luft also provides a 10 year warranty on all mattresses.

What type of base works best with the Luft Hybrid Mattress?

Luft works great with platform beds, box springs, adjustable bases, or the floor. We reviewed our Luft Hybrid Mattress on an Eluxury platform bed

How much does the Luft Hybrid Mattress cost?

Twin- $799

Twin XL- $849

Full- $899

Queen- $1299

King- $1499

California King- $1599

Does Luft offer any financing options with their mattresses?

Yes! Luft offer 0% APR  financing for those who qualify.

Final thoughts on the Luft Hybrid Mattress

The Luft Hybid Mattress is the nicest hybrid mattress that I have slept on since I started reviewing mattresses. Made with no harmful chemicals by skilled craftsman, Luft stands apart from the market. No one would ever believe that a mattress this nice came out of a box. As a side sleeper, the plush multi-sleeper is the most comfortable hybrid that I have slept on. The mattress is extremely well made and something you would expect to pay $3500 or more for in a furniture store. If you are looking for a new mattress and want something high end with no harmful chemicals, the Luft Hybrid Mattress would be an excellent pick. 

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