Adjustable bed frames are now really cool…..

adjustable bed

Adjustable bed frames are now a trend that’s becoming more embraced in a younger crowd. While they have been around for quite some time mostly for medical reasons, the popularity amongst millennials is rapidly growing. Who are we kidding….adjustable bases are cool now.  Being able to read in bed or use a laptop or sit up with a sports injury is actually really useful for people for reasons beyond medical. Being able to raise your leg in a knee injury or sit up due to acid reflux, most people have a legit need for one of these bases in their home.


Features you should look for in an adjustable bEd Frame?


  1. App or wireless remote- This is a must have and should come standard with any high quality, modern adjustable bed.
  2. Massage feature- A massage works wonders and can improve circulation as well as sore muscles.
  3. Memory setting- You should be able to find optimal comfort positions and program your remote to reach those levels with the touch of the button.
  4. Make sure you can raise both the head and the feet. One function without the other is pretty useless.
  5. Really nice to have- temperature control and zero gravity feature



Will any mattress work on an adjustable base?


High quality memory foam mattresses work the best with adjustable bed frames. Memory foam contours to the body and will support flexibility and weight. Latex mattresses can also work on an adjustable bed. Latex is more rigid though so a thinner mattress will be needed or you could end up with a bulky fit. Innerspring mattresses and air mattresses do not conform well to an adjustable base so those should be avoided all together.


Are adjustable bed Frames really expensive?


Adjustable bed frames are no longer outraegeously priced. On the low end, you can get an adjustable base for a few hundred more than your normal box spring. On the high end with all the bells and whistles, you can snag an adjustable bed for $3k. With all the added benefits like anti-snoring and no gravity, splurge on the adjustable bed and you won’t ever go without it ever again.




9 thoughts on “Adjustable bed frames are now really cool…..”

  1. I have been experiencing back pain since I was a young adult. It seems like I have tried so much to help alleviate it, but to no avail. Maybe an adjustable bed could help me sleep better and through the night. I like that you mentioned how it has anti-snoring options as well. My wife will appreciate that.

    1. An adjustable bed would definitely help. The proper position would take pressure off the back and help with the snoring. What mattress are you currently sleeping on?


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